Soundstage depth

June 23, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

7 comments on “Soundstage depth”

  1. Hi Paul.
    Depth so far has been something I haven’t been able to attain
    with my system, despite it being close to a six figure system.
    Your video focuses on speaker placement and the recording quality, but you don’t mention the contribution of the electronics. My system has amazing detail and imaging, and the speakers and room have been set up carefully, but it has limited depth – and I’ve accepted that.
    Aren’t the brand of electronics also a big factor?

    1. Try placing a Synergistic Research Black Box in the middle of the room between your seat and the speaker plane. The further into the room, the greater the depth. It’s quite amazing and works for me !

  2. I would present it as “Stereo, when symbiotic components are properly mated and placed in space, replicate the sonic environment which was present at the recording event”, which includes not just the physical objects generating the sound waves, but the acoustic environment in which and wherein those objects are placed. I think the idea that what one is hearing is “an illusion” is a misnomer in that the sounds being heard are very real and, the better the equipment and set up, the closer to the actual waveforms existing in space during the recording will be generated by the equipment serving to reproduce the musical experience. Theoretically, with perfect equipment and placement, the exact waveforms present during the recording could be generated to replicate exactly what was heard when the recording was being made.

    1. Hear, hear, cc! Eloquently put. This is the way I understand matters.

      From a personal perspective, I think I have a very revealing system* from which I derive much listening pleasure. I also believe that, aside from budgetary considerations, it would not be sensible to make any major changes to my system without first ‘upgrading’ the room inwhich the system resides. I’ve done as much as I can based on tips I’ve picked up from this forum. (I’m in rental accommodation for the foreseeable future. 🙁 ) Despite some components being 10 or more years old, I’m still mightily pleased with what I hear!

      * B&W 800 Diamond/B&W DB1 (X 2)<-Electrocompaniet AW600 (Nemo) (X 2)<-PS Audio DSDAC<-Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2<-Signalyst HQPlayer<-Synology DS1819+ NAS Server. Power supplied by PS Audio Powerplant P10 (X 3)

  3. Hey Paul,
    In this video it seems like those beautiful speakers are only about 6 feet apart and the listening position is 8-10 feet back. What are the actual numbers?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. A lot depends on the recording.
    If the recording engineer did his/her job correctly then you should have no problem
    with recreating a 3D soundstage with convincing depth from your home-audio rig…
    providing that your loudspeakers are set-up correctly in your room.

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