Soundbars for home theater

May 5, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

7 comments on “Soundbars for home theater”

  1. Yep, that set off Alexa here! Agree with this and am fortunate enough to have a living room with small TV and soundbase, plus separate home theatre room. Happy with both. The living room is a peaceful space overlooking the garden and we’re happy to keep it that way with minimal electronic devices

  2. Sonos IS the new Bose…. 😛

    Don’t you miss the old days when you’d move your left, right and center channel speakers closer to the television JUUUUST to the point where Hawkeye Pierce & Radar started to gauss into a Picasso-esque warped melting paintings? And then back them off a couple inches before permanent damage. This practice was followed shortly by the magnetically shielded speaker production….

    And Alexa triggered Friday wrant:
    • TV ads, films or programs that have ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Alexa’ OUT LOUD in their dialogue. This ca-ca REALLY urinates me off. Thanks a lot writers – my tv just shut itself off, I have some crep song playing in every room, I’ve ordered some feminine hygiene products from Amazon, all my lights just turned on, organic milled bilateral birdseed was added to my shopping list, I am currently involuntarily learning the definition of the word onomatopoeia, I’ve just been lectured on the entire history of Borneo, my Roomba is in entropy escape mode, my now unlocked truck has started itself and every smart device in my house is talking at the same time in different languages. I guess as a professional script writer who LIKLEY OWNS ONE – you could never see THAT coming eh? Putz. Y’know if Bezos was smart, he’d just broadcast a commercial on every channel that had a character saying aloud: “Alexa, order three of everything I previously bought from Amazon in the last three years”. And speaking of, jezuz Jeff, you’re a multi-kajillionaire, can you not afford to fix that bloody eye?!?

    “OBJECTION – petty badgering of the mid-life crisis phallic-rocket witness!!”
    “I apologize your honor, I withdraw that last statement.”

    **Disclaimer – some ‘terms’ were toned down from the original draft to appease the bad word police…**

    1. Yeah, stupid stuff @pikpen.

      Alexa turned in the lights for gynecological exam, since you ordered all the feminine hygiene products 😉

      1. Good point!
        There’s a Dr. Parkinson joke in there somewhere….

        Amazon: Providing instant shopping gratification – at the expense of your fellow human….

  3. I’ve heard many sound bars and they had lots of fair sound at best including the Sonus, no dynamics and pop or image size, the best I’ve heard and now own is a ZXOX 580 sound base which is 36″ wide and 15″ deep with ports and duals subs, no sound bar can give you what this unit and it larger one could until you get into $$$$ and many of them have no sub out jacks, the ZXOX and can really put out dynamics including size not just sound like sound bars. It also had for me a must a sub-out which I connect my 2 subs, for movies and watching TV it sounds superb, my audio system is a separate system to itself. They need to bring the large sound bases back, like speakers size matters, size of speakers mattered, the Yamaha Sound bases sound great also and they had sub-out jacks, you can find them used and cheap.

  4. I just upgraded my soundbar in the family room/kitchen space and wanted full Atmos. This upgrade came about when my venerable plasma died! There was no question I was going the Sony route for the TV and then I discovered that the new Sony TVs and sound bars have a feature that uses the TV panel speaker as the center channel when tethered to the bar, taking the load off the bar for dialogue. So far the results are outstanding! Yes, I opted for the optional soundbar. Music listening is “meh” at best but as Paul points out this is strictly for background.

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