Sonoma vs Pyramix

October 19, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

7 comments on “Sonoma vs Pyramix”

  1. Good afternoon Paul!
    The actual oldest Windows operating system, happens to be Windows 95.
    What came after that, was Windows 98, 98SE, Windows Me, 2000, and Windows XP.
    But after that, it was Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 and 8.1.
    Now, we’re on Windows 10.
    But the days for Windows 10, are numbered.
    Because after the new year comes in, Microsoft will be rolling out Windows 11.
    So, keep your eyes open, and keep watching out for the new release of the brand new Windows Operating System.

  2. I remember 1990 or so – upgrading my first Windows PC from Windows 3.0 to 3.1 to 3.11 and had the option of using the included seven 3-1/2″ diskettes or the eleven or so 5-1/4″ floppies! It had a FIVE mega-byte hard drive. Prior to that my very first PC was a Tandy that was its own dreadful operating system and a monochrome monitor. I learned to use a lot of DOS commands… And it was $2800!!! In the 80s!!! I didn’t need a PC and I had NO idea what I was going to use it for, but I knew one thing: my inner tech geek needed to get one and evolve my knowledge as this computer world progressed so I wouldn’t be left behind. So every Sunday morning I’d turn it on… and just experiment with it and see what I could do. There it began.
    Plus, I also worked at a Radio Shack and my boss let me finance it…
    Some years later I was creating my own extended mixes of my favorite songs using Audition (Cool Edit Pro back then). I did a 22 minute version of Frampton’s Do You Feel (Like We Do) mixing the original 76 live track with the 99 Detroit version cross fade mixing back & forth utilizing all the solos. I used to do mixes for a gal who did dance classes & recitals and would get me to edit songs re-mixed with sections removed, sections added or sections repeated. What’s far more impressive than my mixing the songs was the fact that she could foresee how she wanted the song to sound in her head! That part amazed me!
    PCs and audio – perfect mates.

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