Software upgradeable audio processors

May 29, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “Software upgradeable audio processors”

  1. I once knew a guy, by the name of Bob Carver.
    The name of his company, was Sun Fire.
    He once had surround sound receivers and preamp processors that he upgraded the firmware for you, via the internet.
    But his first few receivers, had a port in the back of them, that you had to connect your computer to in order to update or upgrade the firmware on them.
    And also, Yamaha had a few surround sound receivers that worked like that too.
    But what’s going on today, is way over my head.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Great post, clear and to the point, as always, thank you.

    Do any of your downloads available online work with everyday laptops to improve their audio output signal or are they purely for PS Audio products/units ?

    Love the posts, Octave Masters 1 (utterly mindblowing audio) and just bought your book (its on its way to me).

    All the very best.

    Richard Peace

    1. Hey Richard. Thanks and glad you’re enjoying the Octave release, one of my favorites!!

      The upgrades I refer to for the PS DAC only work for the DAC because what’s inside is not found in computers. It may be possible someday to get something that would work in your everyday computer, like there already is for MAC (Bit Perfect).

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