Should the mastering process be spelled out on vinyl?

September 14, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

8 comments on “Should the mastering process be spelled out on vinyl?”

  1. Seeing you talking to us from music room?, Paul, it looks as if there is a decent acoustic treatment of the side walks but no treatment of the rear wall and the listing seats are relatively near to the rear wall – both a no go following audiophile standards. Or do you really require direct first sound reflections from the bare rear wall for getting the “magic” of sound detached from the loudspeakers?

  2. Makes a lot of sense Paul. Maybe make a few more master tapes too simultaneously while transferring to DSD so the purity of analog is also preserved on a state of the art tape.

  3. Truth of the matter when it comes to classic recordings is few master tape recordings have more than about 70 db of dynamic range and many have less so whether you transfer that to LP, CD, or DSD you’re only getting whatever dynamic range was originally recorded. The original master tape and first pressing LP’s remain the best quality though not the most convenient way to playback. When converting those to digital at best you can do is achieve the quality of the original analog recording with hopefully no “digital sound” detected. Preservation of those original tapes are very important. First pressing LP’s followed by DSD are the best. LP’s if you are a purest analog lover.

      1. Good morning Paul!
        I really admire you for telling the truth man!
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        I’m the only DCF agent that tries my best to help the people out, that really needs the help.
        I look at audio in this same kind of light.
        The more that people know about what’s going on, the better.
        There are a lot of records out there, but most people don’t even know anything about how they were made.
        I love that about you man!
        You try your best to let us all know how you and your companies do every single thing!
        Most record companies won’t even do that for the people that buys them from them.
        Keep up the good work man!

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