Shadow Banning on YouTube

January 9, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Hello Paul:

    As you are fond of saying: “Back in the Day”-

    Well, “Back in the day” I remember when the original Star Trek (in the late 60s) was granted permission for Captain Kirk (William Shatner) to say: “LET’S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE” as the powers at be (WHO were these people?) thought the gravity of the situation warranted the use of such strong language!!

    F*** was recently granted here in Canada for National TV (with some discretion).

    My, my how things change.

    Keep “being you”, keep up the great work and HAVE FUN!

    At 65+ years of age, we’ve earned something… haven’t we??)

    Ron Miller
    in Calgary. Alberta Canada

    1. You have a choice to NOT WATCH these videos if you are offended in any way. Pull up your panties and MAN UP! The man is doing us a great service by sharing his knowledge with us. If that’s all you get out of his videos, then I would suggest you find another “channel”.

  2. Paul, frankly the universal prevalence of F___ has become profoundly tedious. It seems that for many people the F word is a substitute for the simple adjective “very.” To hear it repeated over and over again is wearying to the soul. Use of the F word is not making a major statement about a person’s resistance to authority, free spiritedness, honesty, degree of self-actualization, or any other psychologically noteworthy achievement. It’s just lazy language usage and boring self absorption. The Apple TV series with Jennifer Aniston, The Morning Show, is noteworthy for practically every third word being F___. I imagine the producers of the show see constant use of the word as a symbol of the sophistication of the producers of this fictional show. Male, female, young, old‚— they are all utterly at ease tossing this vulgar sexual term (now stripped of its original meaning) into all their conversations whether public or intimate. I for one would be grateful if people would stop imagining that their use of the word somehow makes a bold statement and just go back to using good old “very.”

    1. It could be said that the universal prevalence of the word ‘very’ has also become tedious.
      I believe that Paul uses swear words so infrequently that when he does use them here, or on TY, that they still have the desired impact for which they were designed.

      1. I very, very much agree. The overuse of “very” is very, very, very, boring. I very much try to avoid it as much as I can.

        I have never heard Paul use the F word. What I wrote was simply a general comment on the current state of gratuitous vulgarity. I’m not shocked by it. (Who is these days?) I simply find it tiresome and irrelevant to making a point whether comic or dramatic. The David Mamet movie “Glen Garry Glen Ross” which centers on a crew of sleazy real estate agents who try to sell worthless properties to elderly people was famous for using the term 151 times. But in that movie it fit perfectly in depicting the crass profanity of the agents. It made sense. But in the TV series, “The Morning Show”, which I referenced, it seems—mostly—unnecessary and out of place.

  3. Shadow banning is done by social media sights like Twitter and Facebook and usually for political reasons when they begin to behave like publishers which violates their section 230 privileges. What happens is your post is not deleted by them but only you can see it. So basically you are talking to yourself without knowing nobody else can see it but you. It is another tool of the woke cancel culture to silence people for political reasons whether they think the post is correct or not. They may even feel the post is factual and still it’s shadow banned.

    Facebook has recently admitted in court that the fact checkers that they use are opinion. So they are labeling someones opinions as false not based on any fact checking but rather opinions of their own. They have done this to posts that are true and factual for political reasons and they have been caught. So under oath in court they had to say their fact checkers use their own opinions.

  4. I believe in climate change too. Climate and geological changes in the earths crust effecting our magnetic field has been changing since the beginning of earth. In 1 billion years the sun will swell so large that all the oceans will evaporate into space and we will have to go underground to survive. The new green deal won’t help us much. Space rock impacts have changed our climate. Sun spot activity has changed our climate. The Sun goes dormant or into hibernation from time to time which cause mini ice ages. Every 25,000 years we also enter into ice ages. Volcanic eruptions put more green house gasses into the atmosphere then we do in many thousand years.

    I just believe that 99% of climate change is natural and while we do contribute it’s very tiny in comparison to natural climate change. Many scientists agree with that, many don’t. It’s just another way to control people with a fear tactics for political reasons. Moreover if China and Russia don’t join the new green deal the pollution just moves to another part of the world and there’s no change to gasses entering the atmosphere and they kick our butts economically because fossil fuels are still the most efficient and cheapest way to run an economy. So that means we keep buying foreign product while exporting less because it’s cheaper to make overseas. Kills jobs here in the USA too.

    Electric cars are great but I would hate to have one in the winter stuck on the highway for days. Is someone bringing you a can of electricity to keep your cars heater keeping you warm? Also not practical when driving across country or long drives unless there is some rapid charge which charges your car really fast. Going to wait 8 hours every time you need to fill up? Environmentally not great for the earth either due to the natural resources needed to make the car batteries which can also cost over 20,000 to replace.

  5. Good afternoon Paul!
    I don’t like the foul language either.
    But I guess it’s do to the fact that I am a devault born again Christian.
    But I must say, you keep your videos very informitive, and educational.
    I learn an offal lot by listening to your videos.
    And also, you make them fun to listen to.
    Please don’t ever stop!
    I don’t remember these two men by their names, but they head up this company that’s called, Ayr Audio.
    They also have a channel on You Tube.
    But the problem I have with their videos, is they’re very boring.
    Set there long enough, they’ll bore you off to sleep.
    Paul, I am very glad that, you don’t do that.
    Every now and then, you mite say something about having a beer.
    But unlike the two men at Ayr Audio, you don’t set there and talk about drinking all the time.
    But they do.
    And you can see them drinking the beer from large kegs.
    But I don’t remember any time that you had a beer in your hand, while shooting a video.
    Please keep up the good work!

  6. I absolutely adore how brits use the “c” word like we use the term, say, jerk. And it sounds so delightfully colorful and harmless with an English accent.
    Well if you are taken aghast by bad words, luckily for you there are now cry closets readily available – perhaps there’s one near you! YES – Some Universities actually build a small room where students can de-stress their poor higher educational frailties right out of their eyes whilst punching pillows and stuffed animals. Y’know, in my day – if there was such a room in my University, the ONLY usage that would have become of it would have been the Cry Closet Mile High club. Cry Closets – a good place for young gals to hover around and seek out an emerging potential strong husband and worthy provider! The puffier the eyes the – better the future family protector! Better grab that bawling potential mate before he drops his fidget spinner, adjusts his man-bun, turns around and goes back in for another snot drooling wail!

    Recently overheard in a death row prison: “Hey Ace – What are you IN for?” “I murdered my family with an axe. What about you? “I produced a laundry detergent commercial with 2 heterosexual white people in it where they suggested to folk that they should separate the whites and the colors.”

    If I’ve offended anyone:

  7. Hi Paul and sorry to be asking a question that is totally off topic but I hope it gets your attention….not so much “shadow” more hi-jack……today I received my copy of Hi-Fi news to find a quick write up and photo in their reveal feature on your FR30’s ……nice; in-fact very nice! BUT Paul please why is the cost in Blighty 28k GBP and in the US 28k green backs?…. sorry me-ole-cock-sparra but surely that can’t be right?…..I really think that you need to sort out the UK pricing as the difference especially at this high ticket level is pretty much unacceptable……..28K for what I am sure will be a great speaker but any/most British folk simply won’t pay that much over the odds no matter how good they may be! …. and of course we can’t trade in anything for anything PS Audio.

    anyway we Brits still luv ya!……most of the time!
    Mike (baldy bloke)

      1. After speaking with Kevin he reminded me that while the exchange rate is 1.31, that added cost includes UK VAT which is 20%, while here in the States that’s added on afterwards. Our distributors must also cover the cost of shipping (which ain’t cheap!), advertising, their overhead, and so on. I’d say it’s a fair markup.

  8. So Paul swears occasionally, big f**king deal…it’s not like he does it all the time.
    I wish that some people would just grow-up.

    For those who missed it, the key word here is “occasionally”

        1. Burst pipes under the house, flooded basement, washing my dishes in the bathroom sink, credit card got hacked over the holiday, some rogue wind fueled branch performed an emergency skid landing on my roof which now leaks, my ears ring, I can comb my hair with a hot dog, there’s enough static electricity right now that everytime I exit the police car I’m working on and touch my toolbox that a lengthy blue spark restarts my heart and often actually momentarily pauses my Cocktail Audio streamer, nobody ever ever warned me about the ridiculously vast amount of time I would have to relinquish coughing and clearing my throat strictly due to my moronic inability to correctly and effectively swallow my own spit, but other than that – I’m pretty good dag-nabbit!


          And if you snivel just ONCE about your warm & dry weather, I’ll fly right down there and punch you right in the forehead! 😉

          1. Better thanks!

            It ain’t dry down here.
            2nd ‘La Nina’ weather event this summer…rain, rain, rain!
            Many country areas flooded for the 2nd summer in a row.
            And before that, when it was dry, we had those horrendous wildfires that killed over a million animals on the Easter seaboard of Oz.
            I love to go back to the ‘Goldilocks years’. 🙂

              1. Yeah, well I’m sure that that day is coming…it’s just a matter of time.
                So, on your advice, I shall hold all of my complaints until then.
                …hmm…a hot-dog you say…?

              2. Yup, I think Mother Nature is in the onset of a nasty menopause.
                I feel badly when disasters effect people but I am truly heartbroken when animals are the victims. Truly a horrible thing.
                Hug a roo for me!

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