SACD and DSD protection

December 8, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Good afternoon Paul and everyone!
    I can tell you all for the most part why SACD didn’t do as well as the standert audio CD done.
    SONY and Philops priced it out of the everyday working man and woman’s reach.
    Granted that, the SACD has been around for more then23 years.
    But when it came out, that and the special playback equipment, nobody could aford it except the rich people.
    That is what numbered the days of the SACD.
    But on the other hand, if both SONY and Philups had marketed it exactly the same way that they done the standert audio CD, then the days of the standert audio CD would have been numbered instead.
    That was the mistake that both of those companies made.
    But Paul is correct about the sound of DSD.
    It does in deed sound way better then PCM.
    This is the reason why I invested in a portable DAC that I can take with me, and listen to my DSD files on the go.
    I bought myself an EarMen Angel portable headphone amp/DAC.
    And it sounds wonderful!
    I love it to peases man!
    After my wife hearing it for the very first time, she now wants one of her own.
    But there is just one question about DSD that I haven’t found the answer to as of yet.
    What is DSD1024?

  2. DSD1024 is just a higher clocked DSD. But only few gear as far as I found in the internet can play it. Paul is right with his presentation, and cost of new players and the SACD itself was too expensive for the little better sound quality only hearable on a very good stereo system. For my old ears playing DSD does not make a big change. Therefore 24bit/96k is sufficient for me. Playing the Loudspeaker download files 24bit/96k I heard at the piano solo track that it has some slight distortion at high level. This with STAX headphones. Other tracks were perfect though.

  3. JP,
    Good day!

    I hear you about SACD, and its evolution…
    It took some time for good (especially great) players to become available.
    Neither Sony nor Phillips set any pricing, but the players requirements to include the protection chip-sets likely had some back-end fees.

    The other issue now is only DSDx64 as a limit. This did squeeze the the market between format acceptance and price-point.

    The only reason I purchased my first round of SACD media was my old Oppo Blu-Ray player which could output audio as DoP – I still have an input on my preamp set for that – soon to be rewired.

    I love the ability to p,lay any format, spinning or streaming.

  4. A couple of years ago I purchased a preowned Marantz SACD player just to listen to Octave records hybrid disk in DSD. My question is when the music is being converted in the player and being sent to my preamp via RCA analog cables, am I getting the true DSD portion of the Disc, only subject to the quality of the conversion in the player?

    1. RCramer,
      Yes, that is correct.

      Unless you use a digital out into a DAC, you are just using the SACD’s internal DAC, and on the upper end Marantz players this is no slouch.

    1. Hi RC,
      I have a Marantz – ‘SA12SE’ SACD player & when I put a hybrid SACD/CD into it, say for example a MFSL (MoFi) hybrid SACD/CD, I have to manually select for the SA12 SE to play the SACD layer of the disc & this is done by pressing the ‘SOUND MODE’ button, which on my unit is located in the middle of the bottom row of buttons on the remote…just in case you are not aware of this ✌

        1. JW,
          Your SACD 30N is a more recent model than my SA12 SE & so it
          would make sense if Marantz fixed it so that it automatically
          selects the higher resolution.
          I say ‘if’ because I’m not 100% certain that that’s what’s going on
          OR maybe we select the default…I’ll have to investigate further.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I bought this unit ( DV8300 ). on eBay last year for $170.00 I think it’s about 15-18 years old. It originally retailed for aprox. $1,800.00. I didn’t want to spend a lot, because I didn’t own any SACD’S at the time. Since then I’ve purchased 14, some from Octave records and some from MoFi. It works perfectly and my regular CD’S never sounded better. This unit automatically selects CD or SACD depending on what you put in.

  5. Paul’s analysis is, I fear, incorrect. When CDs were released the main format was already cassette tape. It had the great benefit over vinyl of being portable and worked in a car. It succeeded in the same way mp3 did – most consumers are happy to give up quality for practicality.

    CD sales did not reduce cassette sales, they only declined when portable CD and car CD players came about in the early 1990s.

    SACD may be better than CD is static systems (I don’t know, I never tried SACD), but it has no benefits in portable systems and was more expensive, and portability has driven formats for the last 30 years.

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