PS Production

August 7, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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      1. Still believing my vaccination somehow protects others when it has been proven it doesn’t. I can see requiring a mask because that has some value to protect others but a vaccination does not protect against me getting it or passing it to others. It’s said to protect me from serious illness but at the risk of killing me if I have a bad reaction to it. That’s my choice not the choice of others to force on me. My body my choice. I have had Covid numerous times and got over it with my natural immunity. Many have died from the vaccine, look it up. I refuse to do business or recommend product to others with anyone who requires me to inject myself with something I don’t want. You have your policy and I have mine. Will just leave it there.

        1. Paul knows I love him and love PS Audio and only say things that might enlighten a different perspective that would be good for the company. While I might not be able to visit PS Audio I will still do business and recommend their products.

  1. Not to mention variety aids in keeping the interest level up. Building one thing repeatedly can get somewhat mundane. Many assembly line factories will rotate workers’ tasks to keep interest up and ‘boredom’ mistakes low.
    I upfit (police vehicles) mostly SUVs, trucks, Tahoes.. but every once in a while I get to build a covert soccer-mom van or a undercover Camry or things similarly inconspicuous. Those are fun to do – sneaky hiding all the lights & switches, sirens and controllers.

    From the videos (delightfully shot in various locations) it looks like a very well set up shop there, I’m not sure folk realize just HOW ridiculously expensive all those wheeled racks, wall racks, shelving, parts bins & racks, work benches and stuff are. (Let alone tools, test equipment, PCs)
    Drastically overpriced stuff! (Well they are up here in Canuck-land anyways…)
    It is a complete ……..rack-et
    (oh, I AM sorry about that one)
    Heck, I remember when a 1 lb roll of solder was $3.99. Now it’s like $60!!
    Tis expensive running a business.
    Equally rewarding and stressful.
    So I’d best finish my extended 4 minute coffee break and get back TO it…

    Freedom 105 baby!!!

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