PS Audio’s history Part 2

November 26, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

8 comments on “PS Audio’s history Part 2”

  1. Fantastic story Paul. Impressive. At one point I thought, do they had food everyday, popping up at friends and family every night, hoping for a free dinner? May be you did, but you had a job too, which actually helped you with the initial production. The nicest line for me was, that only after you got the sweetness in sound, only then you called it a product. That’s the true spirit we still enjoy today. I only have a DS sr today, but surely want to expand it to bhk or p5 sometime.. thx!

    1. I think that in the end, we manufactured several thousand of little phono stages and probably got back no more than ten. For one thing, it’s instructive to remember the cost was so low that even if people were lukewarm about the product it was probably more trouble and expense to return it than just to keep it. But, that’s just a guess. I do know most people were pretty blown away by our little creation.

      1. Indeed! What an auspicious beginning.

        I’ve been a rabid audiophile for about 192 years, perpetually engaged in the search for sonic nirvana. I have been fortunate to have amassed a pretty impressive collection of gear and my new DirectStream DAC truly takes it the next level. It is an outstanding piece of equipment. Next up may well be BHK amps and I am most intrigued by what your speakers hold in store.

        Thanks for making my audiophilia ever so much more enjoyable and please keep the videos coming!

  2. Wow, what joy to hear this story—especially since I was one of those that saw the ad in Audio and sent you a check. I had just discovered Stereophile magazine and was open to the idea that your phono preamp could sound better than what I had. At the time, my system consisted of an AR turntable with a Stanton 681EEE, a Lafayette (!!!) amplifier model LA1500, and AR 4x speakers (unfinished @ $45) and, of course, zip cord. That was it. Your little box made a real difference even through that awful amplifier and thus became the gateway drug to audiophilia. Thanks, Paul! (I think 😉

      1. This was such a great story . Truly enjoy hearing how you got started . I’m 70 and have been an audiophile pretty much my entire life ( built a multiplex decoder for my twelfth birthday so I could listen to FM stereo radio and been upgrading ever since ) . I envy you being able to make a living doing what you love .

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