PS Audio kit amp

November 13, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Great idea and why not to do it. Personally I think the basic from scratch kit business is gone. I know still the Heathkit measurement instruments which I also built some of them together. Still using the HV power supplies for vacuum tube projects. Viewing to the market I think that the scene divided into the real cracks developing own circuits plus pc board and so on and the moderate DIY builder using complete ready to plug in modules. A lot of different modules are offered on various platforms and retailers.
    Further there are great books available explaining all audio topics including building amplifiers. Also youtube videos are out there on electronics and amplifiers. So Paul, save your lifetime for what really counts for you.

    1. Good afternoon Sven Stalbovs!
      If you look back on past gone by years, a quite a lot of companies done just that.
      Fisher Dynaco and others have made amplifier kits and sold them to people that wanted to put them together.
      Paul said something about Ico.
      Everyone here, please take notice of what I'm about to tell you about the Ico D Y I kits.
      Mottles of integrated amps like the ST--40 ST-70 ST-50 and FH-81 all had the same problem.
      When it came to wiring up the cirkets for the loudness control switch, the schematics for those amps got it wrong.
      Because the way to wire up the loudness switch was drone out wrong.
      And because of that, the loudness switches didn't work.
      It was reasontly as 2006 that someone figured it out and posted it on his own website.
      From what I've been hearing, the Dynaco kits are still out there.

  2. Good afernoon, John Price.
    My opinion comes from what I see here in Germany and on several selling platforms and small companies. Yes there is a DIY scene which offers components and sometimes complete kits. But this a niche market to my feeling. If somebody wants to build in the digital area and analog with SMD parts, thats heavy because one needs specific tools and solder knowledge. For very complex circuits with many ICs and other components it is almost impossible to do it DIY. Of course I know EICO and Dynaco kits as history, to mention also Hafler which I have one of the Preamplifiers which was also offered as a kit. Even Heathkit had a lot of kit amplifiers.

  3. I believe kits are cool of older vintage equipment that are no longer manufactured. It's way too early to offer a kit for say the FR30, but at sometime in the future it would be cool to offer a kit where you can buy the speaker drivers, crossovers, speaker terminals and wiring along with instructions on how build your own speaker cabinets. Would be a fun project.

  4. I built several diy microphone kits from The microphones are really fantastic and two that I built, the S3 – 87s reportedly have more sensitivity and a lower noise floor than the Neuman U87 AI.

  5. I build all my own guitar amplifiers from kits. So far I have built a Fender 5F6A (1959 Bassman) clone, Fender 5E8A (1957 Twin) clone, Fender 5F1 (1959 Champ) clone, and a Trainwreck Express clone. All are vacuum tube amplifiers ranging in power from 5 to 40 watts. I have a BSEE and received my degree in 1976 with vacuum tube technology still part of the curriculum though it was dropped the following year.

  6. I think that a kit will be great idea if the price difference from the finished equipment is seriously lower enough. Personally i will appreciate to have the schematics of the equipment of psaudio...especially the tube input part of the psaudio hybrid amplifier!!!
    Be sure i will finish the project afterwards.....
    Thank you

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