Placing equipment in a stereo system

August 6, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

7 comments on “Placing equipment in a stereo system”

  1. O man…you would cringe if you saw my set up. Although I don’t have stuff between the speakers. I do have to deal with a grand piano in the way though. As you say….compromises.

  2. Paul unless you have a dedicated music room you have to go with what works. I can put my stereo on the side the way you have it but then I would have to put my couch against the front wall and between the speaker’s. I have my TV between the speaker’s but close to the front wall where it becomes a part of the wall and perhaps causes defusion. Its more natural if I’m watching TV and the speaker’s are producing a soundstage where the TV is located. My speaker’s while sounding superb from my sweet spot recliner also sound very good from the couch on the side of the room or other listening positions. I tend to like speakers that sound great no matter where you are. Hate to be a slave to the sweet spot chair. MBL and Ohm Walsh are good examples but there are others as well. Some speakers don’t sound great if you’re standing up either.

  3. Just because I do some mixing, mastering, and remastering in my bed room, I hand crafted a dash board at the foot of my bed.
    The equipment isn’t setting above the dash board.
    It’s all under neath the dash board.
    That is, all of it except the tower wich is the mane partt of the computer.
    My monitors are stacked up in each corner of the bed room, on top of a pare of powered subs.
    The only part of the computer that’s above the dash board, is the keyboard.
    But I don’t see how the way I have all of my equipment satup, will interfeer with the sound stage.
    Perhaps it’s just me, I’m just not hearing anything like that in my system setup.

  4. I also have my system setup under a wall-mounted TV with the Stereo Equipment in a cabinet between the Speakers.

    The music appears to come from the cabinet itself and very rarely the Speakers unless the music was recorded that way.

    Soundstage depth is evident but that is likely to improve if the Cabinet is ever removed (?)

    I’m assuming that is what the cabinet would be blocking.

  5. One SACD player & one dual mono integrated amplifier, both units with their factory feet removed & replaced with ISO-Acoustics – ‘Iso-Pucks’, sitting on IKEA – ‘Aptitlig’ bamboo chopping boards,
    on the floor in between my floorstanders.
    Neat, easy, with short interconnects & short loudspeaker wires & no interference from the electronics.
    No stand; no shelves; no rack 😀
    (My television is in another room)

  6. Long interconnects and short speaker leads??
    Not what I’ve heard all these years, Based on a fragile low level signal in the interconnects.
    The paradox solved by Paul’s using XLR.
    But if he didn’t, then vice versa?

  7. At the recent Seattle audio fest, most rooms had the source gear off to the side.

    While there, the folks at ASC told me that a TV in the middle wouldn’t have much effect.

    Cost and room size/layout are typically the determinants of where everything gets placed in a home. Better quality long XLR’s cost as much, if not more, more than PS Audio’s gear. For most of us, that’s not a realistic choice. Paul, in ignoring it, how is your discussion helpful to most of your viewers?

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