Optical discs vs. ripping

September 10, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. So.... who is going to be the first audio company to produce an audiocentric PC with decent internal screening and/or breakout boxes to properly facilitate digital audio in a domestic set-up. A device that is able to fulfill all the duties of a home PC but wipes the floor with standard fare when recording AND playing video/audio files ?
    I appreciate it won't be a cheap unit, but hey, we're used to paying more for our hobby.


  2. You said the sensor was directly under the pc iirc..
    At what distance did the
    fields become "vanishingly low" ? Do they reach farther than the infamous 60hz AC hum ?
    Would a sheet of tin foil block it ?
    What does the difference in sound sound like ?

    Thanks - TtL

  3. As far as I can tell... right now the closest one can get for home PC would be a fanless (spinning fans produce both audible noise and ripple noise in the circuitry) and a SSD (solid state drive). Spinning hard drives also can produce ripple noise and audible noise. Another problem is possibly the type of internal cabling connecting everything together. Possibly solid core, and cable with low skin effect. And, needed is a low noise power supply. That's a start.

  4. One thing you might not suspect...... Optical cable? Is directional. I do not know why. Reverse the cable's direction and one way will sound better than the other. Others have noticed this as well. I simply mark one end with a little red tape to let me have a point of reference... 😉

  5. I'm guessing a large (but silent) HDD for mass storage, and then a SSD to transfer files into to enable a low jitter feed to the DAC card. The DVD/CD/BluRay drive wouldn't need to be too special as it would only be used for ripping. As stated above... the internal screening and cabling would be critical. We could even consider PC separates. Upgrading to new processors etc but keeping quality drives?

    1. That's what I was thinking. I use a 2009 Mac Mini with 8 Gigs of RAM, all music stored on RAID USB drives, separate power supply and all music loads into RAM for playback, not directly from the hard drive to the DAC. Other than a PS Audio direct stream is there a better computer and why? Great videos, Paul. Thanks. TG

    2. A Mac is a great device but it was not designed ground up to be an audiophiles device. My thinking is that someone out there could take the PC/Mac and do such a number on it as to change the game entirely. Remember... an awful lot of the music we listen to today is captured on such devices. The rewards would be greater fidelity in recording as well as improved retrieval of digital sources.

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