Octave’s Studer mixing board

January 24, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

10 comments on “Octave’s Studer mixing board”

    1. That’s an excellent question and one I do not have a ready answer to. I might sell it, I might keep it for old time sake, and then again as things unfold perhaps there’s a use for it I hadn’t thought of.

      1. Good morning Paul!
        I can answer the question you asked about car racing in Daytona Beach Florida.
        I spent a good deal of time down there before I had to move back to Lake City.
        I don’t remember the name of it, but they do have an arena down there off of the Inter National Speed Way.
        Quite a few times, Nass Car Racing was held there for years.
        But back then, this was when Dell Thorn heart was alive.

    1. It’s a look-forward filter that can convert DSD to PCM with zero loss. It won’t work in real time which means we have to record in DSD and edit and do all that stuff in DSD to keep the quality of the recording where we want it. Then, once all the edits have been done (and overdubs etc.) we use the Zephiir filter to perfectly convert to PCM and we then can do the mixing in the digital domain without having to suffer the degradation of the analog domain mixing and conversions.

      The difference is nothing short of stunning. I will be posting a track for people to hear the difference in the near future. Stay tuned.

  1. Cool stuff!
    This and your whole Octave venture reminds me of the highly enjoyable documentary “Sound City”. It really centers around a one of four built Neve sound boards. The studio owner says he bought the console in 1971 for $76,000. He states he also bought a house in Toluca Lake LA around the same time for $38,000..! Now there’s perspective. Great documentary. That and the “Muscle Shoals” documentary.
    Mind you I can watch music documentaries until the proverbial cowbells come home…


  2. What a wonderful history! Paul – do you have any experience with the consumer-end of Studer – ReVox? Well regarded. Had a few speakers to my recollection, but not their strong suit.

  3. I’m late to the party, but thanks for the interesting video. I lived in Daytona Beach for a while, and my grandparents would stay for the winter in the 50’s and 60’s. Racing started on the beach. It’s a very hard packed sand, and driving on the beach is still a fun tourist thing to do. The locals just drive on with their chairs and coolers and spend the day (until the tide comes in). Some get stuck in the soft sand and then the fun begins as inebriated helpers succeed in digging the vehicle deeper. Finally a good samaritan in a huge 4X4 and tow rope comes along and saves the day.
    Now the racing is at the International Speedway on a high banked track. 200+ mph around a tri-oval. We could hear the race 5 miles away.

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