Octave Records streaming service

January 14, 2023
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “Octave Records streaming service”

  1. Why buy it?
    Because a DSD file played on a decent system is stunning in comparison to internet streaming a file small enough and compressed enough to be able to manage the bandwidth pipes required.

    Imagine streaming a DSD file across the internet?

    I’ll buy it every time.

    1. Hi John. Is it possible to stream DSD? Analog to DSD that is streamed directly or recordings that are recorded in pure DSD and streamed make sense to me. But CD to DSD and then streamed doesn’t make any sense to me. Might as well just stream PCM to a good 24 bit DAC.

  2. Hi Joe,

    DSD is saved in just another file format (DSF), so given enough sending and receiving bandwidth, would be ‘streamable’. As stated above, I would just download the files and stream locally.

    Since downloads are not played in real time, DSD is a great way to go.

    In the recording system Octave uses, all formats are available for download.
    I do miss the first several Octave releases, where the various formats were all saved on a second disc.
    This was discontinued for economy however.

  3. An internet Radio service would be a fantastic alternative to this idea for Octave records. Please revisit this project! I absolutely LOVE Radio Paradise and all its functionality and of course the music. Perhaps Paul should contact William Goldsmith. I’d be surprised if they didn’t know one another already being of a similar age and industry background.

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