Octave Records and Tidal

November 22, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Taylor Swift signed up to Tidal in its early days as an exclusive artist. That was JayZ’s business model - exclusive content from top artists to attract users. It worked.

    You can listen to Sandim on Qobuz and SoundCloud.

    DSD labels are primarily classical. Some put their stuff on Qobuz at 16/44 or 24/44 PCM and the audiophiles will then by the DSD files. It makes sense to me.

    The point seems to be that hardly any classical artists these days would even expect to make a material amount of money from any media sales. They earn their livings from performing and teaching. The point about being on Tidal is that it raises profile and the artist may get public awareness and performance/merchandise income. They’re not going to get that on Octave.

    Download-only works for some classical labels as the artists have their own customer base. Hyperion is a good example, they are profitable with revenues around $5m annually.

  2. I buy the top rated classical artists who record on SACD DSD. I'm also forced to buy current CD recordings of music that I want which are not available on SACD. The difference in sonics is significant . I have a few SACD's recorded in PCM which have inferior sound to DSD but are much better than any of my CD's.
    I haven't found anything in the Octave catalog that i would listen to. Perhaps one day that will change. I do admire your efforts, Paul.

  3. A few years back - probably the last time I could stomach watching the Grammys, Taylor Swift gagged out a song. I cringed my way thru it to see what all the fuss was about. The predictable formulated two chord melody was one thing, but the lyrics.... they worded out like a pissed off nine year old, with a vocabulary 90 words shy of the Orange Fooluis himself, who just got off an angry phone call with her bestie and wrote the conversation down word for word and called it a song! After some laughter tears subsided I thought there's NO WAY the rest of her stuff can be this juvenile... I just had to look up more of her songs.
    So.... I was wrong.

    In a world where Swift Beibers are bazillionaires and so many folk with rare insane talent barely eke out a living - something is clearly out of balance. I mean they both give me chills and often bring me to tears, but for completely opposite reasons.

    I know... I was taught... If you don't have anything NICE to say... but jeeez, I really wonder what greats, like say Kate Bush or Joni Mitchell really think when these pop tarts - UH, I mean *stars* Swiftly climb the stairs to grip their awards? I dunno, Taylor Swift just has a smug little pretentious pursed lip face that you just wanna punch for no reason. Twice. Kinda like Neil Patrick Harris or Machine Gun Kelly. No real specific reasonable. Some faces are just plain slappable.

    OBJECTION!!! Speculation, Hearsay, Argumentative AND Badgering!!!! C'MON you honor!
    Withdrawn. Apologies to the court.

    Sorry mom, you always told me, I didn't have anything nice to say, and I gone ahead and said it anyways.
    "I didn't have anything nice to say, and I gone ahead and said it anyways."
    That could be the next big pop hit!!
    I'm gonna be RICH!!!

      1. Indeed.
        That's ok, that is where all my friends will be.
        I wouldn't know a soul in that other place.

        Hell will likely be a place where there is 8 hours of Taylor Swift 32 kbps mp3s on AM radio, 8 hours of Ellen, Oprah and Big Bang Theory betwixt Peloton ads and 8 hours of 126 dB Christmas music. On Bose.


        1. Ah yes. I remember seeing her once, just once mind you, at the beginning of her career. She was holding some plastic guitar-looking thing connected with a USB cable. Her fingers never moved. Partway through the song it struck me that she likely couldn’t form a chord. In this case, I was the one gagging and I nearly drowned. Purely projectile. With so much good music out there, what are we teaching our kids?

  4. I respect and admire what you're doing with Octave Records Paul and I do hope that you and the team are able to continue, striving to fulfill your aspirations, despite the odds and naysayers.

    Keep fighting the good fight Paul! 🙂

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