New or old DACs?

December 2, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

8 comments on “New or old DACs?”

  1. Ok, but… How much better? Not one of us will ever own a perfect system. Every one of us faces the dilemma: “will I forever be dissatisfied? Or will I reconcile to living with what I’ve got?”
    I would like to promote “Enough-ness” where the gear we are living with is “Plenty good enough.”

    The 1963 “Brubeck at Carnegie Hall” CD is equally enjoyable via my 20-year old Benchmark DAC1 as it is through my recent Qutest. Or is it several percent more enjoyable? The main thing is that we enjoy the music.

    1. If you’re enjoying music through your system you will still always wonder if it will sound better through a different unit or different speakers. That’s what us audiophiles do. There will always be something newer but it might not necessarily sound better. Sometimes you need to buy used.

  2. As soon as you buy the latest DAC, it becomes ‘old’…kinda like buying a car.
    So, buy a DAC that is within your Hi-Fi budget, that is proportionate to the
    rest of your rig, that creates good synergy within the rest of your rig &,
    most importantly, that sounds great to you, regardless of its age.

    At least with a PS Audio – ‘Direct Stream MkII’ DAC it will
    give you more longevity than most, because you can
    upgrade its firmware half a dozen times.

  3. This is a never ending race until a complete different audio storage and playback technology will come like it happened in the past decades.
    The BB DAC was I guess for playback of normal CDs and now of course is superseded when playing higher resolution music. And for CDs the BB seems still be pretty good.

  4. Does the new dac have the “bridge” built in as a standard option? The literature does not mention it and I don’t see an option for an add on like the previous dac. Jeff

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