New Aspen Speakers

June 21, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

11 comments on “New Aspen Speakers”

    1. Hi Paul, thx for picking my question. I’ll definitely volunteer for the first pair of FR 20 in Europe 🙂

      @Paulsquirrel: I got the M1200 amps and hope not to need any upgrade. thx for the advicwe anyway.

      I will feedback when the FR 20 arrive 😉

      1. Good afternoon Stephan!
        Too bad that, your wife isn’t like my wife.
        I tell you this because, she is just as much an Audiophile, as I am.
        We both love the sound of music!
        And when it comes to speakers, sise does matter.
        In our both ears and eyes, the bigger they are, the better they’re gonna sound to us.
        But again, I know lots of women here in the USA, that are just like your wife.
        What your wife and the women I know here in the USA have in common with each other, is they don’t like speakers that are taller then they are.
        And to some women, they think that really tall speakers look out of place in their living rooms.
        But as for both me and my wife, we’d love to have a pare of those in our living room, any day!
        But also, I’ve been known to take a pare of four feet speakers, and stack them up, on top of each other.
        But for me to do that and get away with it, means buying a quod instead of a pare of speakers.

  1. If these speakers are going to have wide appeal, a Center Channel needs to be part of the offering. Either that or a recommendation for a Center from another vendor that has similar voicing.

  2. finally got to hear them on one of your delivery setups . very clean , i reckon a wood flavoured version, ie; walnut ,rosewood is not likely

    why do manufacturers not want us to listen to them


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