Multi channel audio

November 7, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Valid question and valid answer. Made me smile when remembered to the Quadrophonic LPs. We tried it at those gone times. Needed special pickup and preamp plus decoder. Not many LPs on the market, the effect was unfortunately not perfect. With digital music multichannel could be done much better, but most of the music is delivered with only 2 channels. 5.1 in movies works fine but mostly only for sound effects in the movies I attended to.

  2. I recall in the 70s hearing a unit in Gordon Holt's basement that artificially created surround sound. It was impressive. But the affect that most astonished me was that it significantly also improved the bass quality too. Switching back and forth there was a can't miss difference in both bass quantity and quality.

  3. I'd been thinking about this for more then a cupple of years now.
    I grew up for the most part listening to this type of multichannel sound.
    I still have my very first receiver that can deliver it to you via 4.1 speakers.
    But today, I think it's easier then it was almost 50years ago.
    In the digital ram, I don't understand why quod sound didn't make a comeback.
    I think that it would have been more widely received today then it was in the seventies.
    What stopped quod sound from taking off is, radio stations wouldn't adopt it.
    That's what sloped sails of quod sound downwards.

  4. Multi channels audio is utopia. For it to be practical strict recording standards would have to be established. Like side channels amplitudes separation etc. Since even 2 channels audio is anarchy it will not happen. Every recording would require different settings. Recording is actually an art. Not engineering.

  5. Theres actually quite a few multichannel recorded SACDs, and some well-done remastered, one of my favorites is
    Pink Floyd ‘s Dark Side Of The Moon.

    Many home theater pre-amps and receivers from Denon, Marrantz, Sony, Onkyo and few others have the ability to decode DSD multi channel using an HDMI cable from many Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray players made over the past 10 years. Please Paul do some multi channel recordings and allow your SACD transport to pass the multi channel SACD Content using a HDMI cable.


  6. In the early days of SACD, there were a number of multi-channel SACDs. Pink Floyd DSoM and WYWH were a couple. One that I picked up a year or so ago on clearance (new for $10!) was Mark Knopfler's "Shangri-La" -- a good album with excellent full sound without sounding gimmicky. You might be still able to find it on one of the online retailers.

    I also recently found an old quadraphonic LP of Santana's Abraxas in a used bin. While I don't have a quad cartridge, it still sounds pretty good in stereo.

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