Mono from stereo

November 10, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

13 comments on “Mono from stereo”

  1. Shouldn’t you base your loudspeaker set-up primarily on playing mono reference tracks, Paul? If the mono track sounds perfect stereo tracks wouldn’t cause problems, isn’t it? And what is your definition of a communist? I have never met a real communist in my life, but many “drawing room communists”, marxists, maoists, stalinists, leninists, trotzkists, etc.. Maybe only Jesus Christ or some members of kibbutzim came close to the ideal of a communist?

    1. That's what I love about the American 'Bible Belt'...tell them that Jesus Christ
      was a true socialist & you can literally see the smoke coming out of their ears
      as they grab their pitchforks 😀

      1. It is even more ridiculous: a true communist was seen by Karl Marx as the next step in evolution of mankind from the status of a socialist! By the way, Karl Marx wasn’t a Marxist as Jesus wasn’t a Christian (he was a Jew) nor was Karl Marx a communist (no time to evolve - he even traded on the stock exchange - he got the money for buying the stocks from Friedrich Engels). 🙂

        1. It was Paul that changed the way we see Christianity, not McGowan. The tax collector who never even met JC. This is why many people argue we follow a Pauline religion....

          1. Yes, “Paulism”…

            The writings of Paul (if they existed),
            Demonstrated a Gnostic take quite often.
            These were often rewritten by the Loyalists of the church and even several forged letters as well.
            Citations in request 😉

            1. Somewhere recently, I was reminded of the letters from Paul, which ones were clearly fraudulent and which more "realistically" written by him.

              A few years ago, I spent some time reading about these issues, I found it very interesting. Started from Küng's book onwards.

              I don't need your references but I am grateful of the offer. I recall your points.

      2. Martin!


        Ask for a rich man to pay his fair share, and you are a socialist. He will scream this all the way to the bank to deposit his SS check.
        The hypocrisy is stunning.

  2. Right. A big band playing all together at ONE small place makes no sense. If connecting L and R channel together some tone cancelling may happen depending on signal phases.

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