Matching subwoofer power to amp power

April 25, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

5 comments on “Matching subwoofer power to amp power”

  1. The title of this ‘Ask Paul’ presentation doesn’t even make sense to me.
    Active subs have their own amps that have nothing to do with the amp
    that drives your loudspeakers.
    The two are mutually exclusive.

  2. Paul, you’re correct about that little box that Bob Carver gave you long ago.
    It had a 10 inch woofer, and equally the same size radiator inside of it too.
    But that little box, also had a 1500watt class AB power amp with its own low pass crossover built in to it.
    That little sub could move some real serious air man!

  3. Hi Paul
    For me it’s all about the subs flexabilty in its setup capability for adapting to its placement; especially for two channel experience. The vandersteen sub three is the ticket across the board imo if an outboard sub is to be implemented
    Best Chris

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