Long wall vs. short wall setup

September 15, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

11 comments on “Long wall vs. short wall setup”

  1. Every loudspeaker plays more or less significantly with a more or less acoustically treated listening room. However in order to come as close as possible to the sound them sound engineer wanted to create the long wall option is most preferable minimizing the unwanted audible effects of the inherent side wall reflections – however a distance to the front wall of about 1 m should be mandatory. A nearfield set-up will allow minimizing all unwanted listening room effects. Unfortunately many big multi-way floorstander loudspeakers with some 5 or more drivers require a listening distance of more than 3.5 m making a long wall positioning impossible. I have the privilege to activate crosstalk cancellation giving me a soundstage of more than 160° while having a speaker angle of about 30°. The short wall set-up is associated with most unpredictable sound images and endless set-up procedures for getting the room reflections Paul is preferring for getting a sound stage wider than the speaker angle, imho. And don’t forget acoustic treatment of ceiling and floor!

  2. Paul commented on this last week. The BOOK is indeed available now on Amazon. I have a copy. Paul mentioned that due to some production delays the SACD may be available on the PSA website around October 1.

  3. I had amazing success with long wall placement in one of the homes I lived in back in 1979 using my EPI 180 speakers that I still have. I’m now using short wall speaker setup which is better suited to the speakers I’m presently using in my room. With the long wall placement I had huge space between instruments that just hung in space just a few feet away from my chair. Felt like I could touch the instruments. Center voice was solid and lifelike, not large where you think you’re listening to a giant singing but rather a normal sized ghost in the room voice. It was very airy. That setup also allowed the right and left speakers to bloom instruments in a beautiful way with overlapping 3D sound. Every room has different capabilities. I had no choice to use the long wall since the width of the room was not adequate.

    I love the photo Paul, we get some beautiful colorful foliage here in the northeast in the Fall followed by snow colored trees in the winter that make lovely photos.

  4. Wow Paul! Sorry to say but the roll out of your”new” book looks pretty much like a car accident. I finally found the book on Amazon but no Kindle version! I ordered it and when I got it I was disappointed to find that it is a slightly extended version of the last book. And the printing is so poor that I can’t read the dimensions in the drawings.

    And? No CD or download of the accompanying music anywhere. I won’t even go into the total confusion of similar naming between the two books and mis spoken references to one or the other. I’m all about PSA but this is three swings and three misses!

    1. Hmmmm. There is indeed a Kindle version so that makes me curious about your comment.

      Also, I don’t understand the printing comment.

      Lastly, indeed, there are portions of the new book that too were included in the first book (like the room and conditioning) but I believe everything else is new as is the SACD and the instructions for using it (the important part).

      Agreed that the rollout timing sucked.

  5. Hi Paul, the Kindle version is indeed now available…it was not a week ago. My comment about the printed version related to the drawings of room setups with distances included. The printing of the diagrams is lighter than the text body making the small dimensions within the diagrams unreadable on the copy that I received.

    Is there a download of the music available like there was for the earlier book?

    1. Thanks, Mark. You are correct. The Kindle version wasn’t available at first. I’ll have a look at the drawings. That’s a bummer if they didn’t print well (I am still waiting for my copy to arrive!).

      There will be a download version, yes, available on October 1.

  6. Paul,
    Thank you many times over for Copper magazine. It is outstanding as you say. I look forward to its arrival in my inbox, yes every other week! Absolutely enjoy it.

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