Klipsch corner horn placement

November 27, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

6 comments on “Klipsch corner horn placement”

  1. Klipsch yoost to make a speaker that was called the Bell Klipsch.
    You could put those, right up against the wall behind them without any sonic problems.
    They were a folded horn design.
    They made all the musicians and singers sound like, they were performing a live private show just for you, right there in your living room.
    I told a tech at Klipsch they should bring the Bell Klipsch speakers back.
    I told him that because, I would sure love to own a quod of them!

  2. A very accommodating reply Paul and well put sir! You’ve often spoken and written around producing a ‘realistic’ sound stage but this time ’round you didn’t leave me with that nagging feeling of “but you didn’t mention…” (insert one of many points of interest). You pretty much nailed it IMO. 😉

  3. The first time I heard a pair of Klipschorns, I thought they had a lot of Wow factor, but after listening to them for a while, it got kind of fatiguing. They really reach out and grab you, instead of gently creating a soundstage. I thought the other large speakers the Klipsch makes were more enjoyable to listen to.

    Just my two cents worth, worth about 1000 bucks bitcoin.


    1. Mongo,
      I haven’t heard the big Klipsch’s…their stand-mount size
      ones do have a great ‘wow-factor’ but unfortunately they
      do get fatiguing after about two & a half hours of listening.

  4. About two weeks ago Roy Delgado was at my local deals store in Nashua NH w/the new version of the Klipsch Jubilee speaker. Not an ideal room but unlike the rest of the Heritage series these speakers gave excellent bass. These are BIG horns makes the K-Horns look like Bose Cubes. Don’t know if you ever met Roy but he’s a very interesting guy.

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