Is no DAC the best DAC?

September 21, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

5 comments on “Is no DAC the best DAC?”

  1. Paul, I think you are forgetting the integrator that DSD requires which is equivalent to the A to D that PCM requires. The output of the PCM A to D also resembles analog similar to the output of the DSD integrator. Both need to be smoothed out with filters. However raw DSD as recorded in media is also a bunch of codes just like PCM. DSD codes however mean differences in levels rather than absolute levels represented by PCM.

      1. I stand corrected - DSD media is not stored in any particular codes but rather in a stream of 1's and 0's (bits). These bits need to be serially fed to an integrator in order to form a signal resembling audio. So I think I was right about the need for an integrator in order to see waveforms resembling audio.

        1. The integrator (a capacitor basically) smooths out the fast transitions between the 1s and 0s - even the audio transformer the original DIY poster suggested might do the trick if its high frequency response were truncated enough.

          I have looked at DSD on a scope while music is playing and you can mostly certainly make out there is music playing without benefit of the integrator, but a simple capacitor (low pass filter) does help clean up the view to look more like what you'd expect.

  2. I am sitting a couple of thousand miles from the USA.....
    listening to BLUES on the YOU TUBE through the AUDIOQUEST 'dragonfly'...
    And its total musical bliss.
    High quality Sound, played through the Laptop and connected to the HiFi....
    There is no argument of VINYL-vs-CD- vs- rips.....SPOTIFY, TIDAL,deezer, Quobuz or whatever....??
    DIGITAL music files through the HiFi is amazing Sound.....Maybe the next generation will be still better.
    Just ask the un-believers to go and listen to DAC.
    Just open your eyes & ears to DAC.

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