Is buying original sample rates best?

May 27, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

2 comments on “Is buying original sample rates best?”

  1. Paul,
    So can you explain a bit more ‘mixing in analog’ then transfer to digital’.

    So by what medium are you recording the analog- onto tape first? Or is the analog board mix a direct pass-through to digital / hard drive?

  2. Good afternoon Paul!
    I myself, can make DSD files from 64, all the way up to 512.
    If you can, please help me understand this a little better then I do.
    What is 512 DSD concettered to be?
    Just like the French guy that asked the question, I have the same thing going on here.
    I too own a DAC that can only play both DSD64, and DSD128.
    But anything over DSD128, my DAC just won’t play them.
    And if DSD512 becomes the narm, I would like to know, exactly what kind of a DAC do I need to shop around for.
    Thanks in advance!

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