Is 24 bit 44 1kHz a waste of money?

January 13, 2023
 by Paul McGowan

12 comments on “Is 24 bit 44 1kHz a waste of money?”

  1. Paul, makes sense what you described. Myself in general stay 24 bit and 96 kHz sample rate. At lesast with my old ears and my stereo system more than this is not perceivable for me. It is a good balance between cost and storage space and data transfer. For recording purpose higher would be of course better in order to get the best master.

  2. Remember Flim & The BBS?
    From Big Notes, Born To Love You.
    Recorded on DMP label and 44,1/16

    The first time I listened to this track, I had it at a nice listening level (around 80-ish)
    Then the crescendo hits and “WOW! – really great cd on an excellent label.

  3. Nothing is dramatically better in audio electronics these days. Better but not dramatically better. I love my Philips dual 1541A DAC 16 bit 4x sampling CD player and my Conrad Johnson modified Philips one bit CD players. Also like my audio engine 24 bit wireless DAC and also the wired one with built in headphone jack. I’m not saying there’s nothing better out there but not dramatically better. Its really about best bang for the buck for me.

  4. Joe, I agree. Just little bit different, but not always really better. Whatever how better is defined. Lastly the perception of sound and music is very subjective. So everyone judges according to his kind of music and own taste and hearing ability.
    On the other hand loudspeaker quality has increased much over the last decades.

    1. Sven,
      All down through the decades there have been a few REALLY
      stand-out components, ie. Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, CD
      players, DACs, etc. that have been very reasonably priced.
      The one constant in home-audio is the Law of Diminishing Returns.

      As far as loudspeaker quality is concerned, to buy a pair of loudspeakers with the quality build & quality parts & quality sound of my 1977 Celestion – ‘Ditton 66’ floorstanders you will have to pay almost 500% more than you had to pay in 1977, & that is with inflation taken into consideration.

      1. Fat Rat, whatever it means.
        You are right. At least in Germany the so called hi-end gear and loudspeakers went rocket high in price. I assume that the crowd of buyers became smaller since young people have often other hobbies or interests than we had in the say 1970ies. If you look little bit aside hi-end then there are still reasonable price ranges with good qualtiy products. For loudspeakers I can mention CANTON, a long term company. Electronics anyway changes fast. If one does not need the heavy fancy chassis and look (which has nothing to do with quality or sound) the data and sound quality is very acceptable. At least for me what I compared up to now. Therefore I still remain on the equipment of the 1980ies which is absolutely good enough for my room and ears. Currently T+A T230 speakers and Crown DC-300A. Preamp I have Hafler and Yamaha C-85. Have also Crown D-150 and Yamaha M-85. Need to restore the preamp Crown IC-150. By the way, I prefer preamps which have tone control at least bass and treble. Most hi-end don’t offer this anymore. And this creates unpleasent sound at low volumes.

        1. Of course I know of CANTON & we have an importer/distributor here in Australia, although I have not auditioned any of their loudspeakers.
          My Luxman pre/power & Celestion flagship loudspeakers both bought in 1981 were all sold in December 2018 as their age made them difficult to source parts for, & so it was time for me to replace them with good quality current gear, which I did just over a year ago.
          Musical Fidelity – ‘M6si500’ & DeVORE Fidelity – ‘Orangutan O/93’.
          These should see me through into my eighties.

          1. Good to hear that Canton is also present in Australia. Another long friend of mine is the tiny box Acron 100C. Bought it in 1978 it still works perfect at my personal computer via a Harman Cardon amp. The box is completely of aluminum. I guess the first one of its kind. OK, bass not really going down. But sound is still OK. No foam around the cone.

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