How we design loudspeakers Part 2

March 28, 2019
 by Paul McGowan

12 comments on “How we design loudspeakers Part 2”

  1. Hi Paul,
    Looking at the design of these speakers, I’m assuming that Arnie put the subwoofer drivers facing both sides so that the sound would be more “balanced”. Which brings me to my question. I have some vintage Genesis APM-1 speakers with the side facing subwoofers and I assume they are meant to face outwards. Since you may have more knowledge on these speakers (or any speaker) than myself, I’m I correct or is it whatever sounds the best?

    1. I think the idea was to have both Subwoofers the same distance from the floor as well as creating balance. I might be wrong but I believe your speakers should face the inside. My NHT only have one side firing woofer per side and those are meant to face the inside where you would be able to see them. Maybe different manufactures design them to face the outside and others the inside?

      1. My NHT speakers have baffles that angle in towards the listener when they are positioned straight ahead so I have no other choice then to have the woofers facing the inside. There’s an actual left and right speaker so I cannot reverse them to see if it sounds better when the subs are facing the outside of the speaker without the baffles facing away from the listener which would screw up the sound. I assume that’s where NHT thinks the subs sound best or they would have placed them on the outside. Again for your particular speakers and others it might be a different story. Your speakers at least give you the option to try them both ways where mine do not. Maybe Paul can clear it up.

  2. This is so good because I’m trying to put together a speaker right now, my first DIY, and listening to the contributions of each element is just great. I’m learning that tweaking electronic components on my Pass DIY amp and preamp projects, like replacing a resistor or a pot, is literally nothing compared to tuning a speaker — sealed vs. ported, box size and configuration, etc., etc., etc.. So unless I get really lucky, I suspect I’ll learn a bit about speakers with my DIY but end up buying a commercial speaker that I can audition. Thanks again, Paul, for taking the time to teach.

  3. Thanks for the demos. Two questions:
    – What external crossovers are you using?
    – Yesterday, with the camera on the other side of these speakers, there were also subs there too. Today you spoke of subwoofer in singular. Did I misunderstand?

      1. I was referring to the subs in the cabinets. At 4:24 you reach around the speaker and point to the servo subwoofer in the singular. In part one the camera was on the other side and there was a similar speaker on the right side of the cabinets, which would seem to make two in each cabinet.

        At 6:55, you disconnected the mid range wire from each external crossover behind the speakers. Are those branded or something you constructed yourselves?

        1. Ahhh. Yes, on Arnie’s speakers the subs are on each side for a total of 4 12″ woofers. On our AN3 there’s only one per side.

          When we got the speakers after Arnie’s passing the crossovers were hanging out of the back on clip leads so we had to draw the schematics, then manufactured custom Corian boxes to build the crossovers in to save in perpetuity.

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