How we design loudspeakers part 1

March 27, 2019
 by Paul McGowan

15 comments on “How we design loudspeakers part 1”

    1. I believe that is what the mid-bass coupler will do. It is hard to tell the actual size of it, look like about 7″.
      Remember, those are Arnie’s speakers.
      Tomorrow I think we will get to see the actual AN3.

      1. Arnie’s midbass coupler is 6.5″ so you were close. Ours gets an extra 3dB of dynamics as it is an 8″.

        The ribbons go down to about 350 on ours and 500 on Arnies. Ours is a planar and Arnie’s an actual ribbon.

    1. Wow, it’s finally come to fruition! The AN speaker series begins! I bet your room @ AXPONA will be the busiest of all & rightly so. Thank you Arnie, Paul, & everyone @ PS Audio for bringing this dream to life. I can’t wait!

  1. Paul,
    These are exciting times for all.
    Ignoring for a moment that my basement listening room is square, 171/2 by 18 feet. I wonder if the speaker DSP will handle my 6’2″ ceiling.

  2. Really looking forward to meeting you Paul and seeing/hearing the new protype PS speaker system at AXPONA. I must say, I’ve been more than thrilled with my BHK 300 Mono’s. Big fan for a lot of years!


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