How to convert DSD to PCM

October 1, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “How to convert DSD to PCM”

  1. I have used software like Deepo Power Amp to convert PCM wave files to DSD, and right back to PCM wave.
    While my computer can play such files threw my Leak ST-130 integrated amp, my digital talking book player won’t play anything higher then 16 bit 44.1KHZ PCM wave files.
    It can play 396 MP3 files, but it’s something about them, that my ears just don’t like.
    My iPhone and iPad can play ALACK files, just as long as I’m putting them threw a DAC that can decode and playback high rez audio files.
    But even most of them, I’ve converted to DSD 512, and I don’t hear anything that’s not suppose to be there!
    Go figure this one!

  2. When converting from DSD to PCM (using Bitperfects propriitary filter), can excellent results be obtained translating to industry standard PCM sample rates like 44.1 or 88.2 kHz, or is it neccesary to go higher, like 352.8 kHz? Is there much discerable difference as you go down in PCM sample rate, or does quality more or less remain intact?

    – Richard July

    1. Good morning Richard!
      It all depends on how you approach it if rather the sound quality of the files will remain the same or not.
      Even if you’re using a bit perfict filter to do it.
      You still have to be careful about how you go about doing it.
      If you do it correctly, you can get away with making 8bit 44.1KHZ PCM files that sounds just as good as 24 or 32 bit PCM files.
      But if you go lower then the 44.1KHZ, your files could end up sounding like very heavily compressed MP3 files.
      If your ears are anything like mine, then you’d wantt to stay away from that.
      But yes, you can go up as high as 396KHZ PCM, and still be fine with it.

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