How the FR30s are positioned

July 16, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

6 comments on “How the FR30s are positioned”

  1. 8 feet distance for the sweet spot, fine! But what about, Paul, the recommended ear height? At tweeter level or below? Or better above tweeter level due to the small vertical dispersion angle of the ribbons?

  2. My NHT 2.9 are recommended about 7 feet apart and the distance 1.5 times the distance apart to the ears. Which would be around 10.5 feet. I guess if you prefer a more near field effect you would get closer to the speaker’s. Got to make sure the speaker’s are at least two feet from side walls and if anything is between the speaker’s like a TV that it’s as close to the front wall as possible.

  3. I presume your positioning implys that the sweet spot is at a chair for one person’s edification. Understand but I’d like to share my music with a sideby chair. To broaden the sweet spot my speakers are 8 feet appart, a little toed in the about 9 feet from each side by side chair. Not saying this is optimal but what would like your suggestion about broadening the sweet spot without total compromize of sound stage etc.

    My speakers are Revel Ultra Studions. I’m expecting the FR-30s in a month or two. (Third tronch)

  4. Nearfield seems to be the preference here. I did hear the ‘30s in a demo, closeup and yes imaging deluxe.

    I’ve sat up real close to stereo Quad63 and the Pawnshop was laid out just there in my room.

    But my preference is to be out some feet further. Where the speakers lock in and drive the room. Envelopment this way is more engrossing to my taste

    Plus it can enable bass room mode optimization
    Because where you sit has more influence than fine tuning speaker separation. Paul do you disagree?

    Is this preference unusual? Because at the 30 demo everyone in the room sat quite a way back.
    If we began talking angle subtended (listener to speakers) that would be useful.

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