How recordings have changed over the years

January 7, 2023
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. I think the major change in recording technology was the step from one-point-recordings to all kind of mic-arrays and closely miking enhanced by mics capturing the room reverbs. Mixing all together results in strange phase effects and requires an additional artist: the mixing engineer. Before the recording engineer’s major task was to find the best setup grouping the musicians around the single microphone. A most time consuming job seeing the complexity of room acoustics.

  2. Technology might be better today but not the art of recordings. Part of it due to better music back in the day, part of it due to better recording engineer’s. Seems like the recording engineer’s were taking psychedelic drugs along with the muscians…lol.

      1. That’s interesting Paul, because there’s been quite a few times when your videos on ‘Ask Paul’ have come up as “This video is private”
        & they have been available on YT to watch…seriously.

  3. To me, as a classical music listener, by far the biggest change in recordings is producers’ response to so many younger people listening through earbuds, rather than speakers. The best recordings of the sixties, like those of today, captured a soundstage, enabling the listener with a well set-up system to hear and to visualize the placement of the musicians in a space. Mixes of popular music intended for earbud listening sound like the music is being sprayed into the air as a sort of mist – every voice and instrument is both everywhere, and nowhere in particular.
    The difference in mixing is orders of magnitude more noticeable than advances in audio technology in my lifetime.

    1. Bingo. Exactly right. Had the grandkids over and we listened to Taylor Swift and a couple of other pop singers. Their voices were 10 feet wide and 6 feet tall, competing with guitars, pianos, and other, less recognizable instruments in a jumbled mess. But, that’s the way the kids of this age group like it.

  4. His name is Paul T. McGowen (trouble).

    And you “sense of humor” guys need to get a room 😉

    And Paul, I fair to recognize the difference between February 7 and February 7. 🙂

  5. Paul do you use Neil Young’s recording console that you purchased? That’s not exactly state of the art but it probably still works and sounds great. I love Young and his recordings. I still say my system sounds better with better musicians and recording engineers even if recorded on older equipment.

      1. Maybe you should auction it off Paul. Some big Neil Young fan might pay up big for it. Not on eBay but rather an actual well known auction place that deals in these things.

          1. Stop wasting my time asshole. I have better things to do than respond to you. You are in here 24/7 contributing nothing. What a waste of time and a loser. Got nothing better to do?

            1. Joe,
              You’re the only one wasting your own time.
              If you truly have better things to do, then
              GO & DO THEM & stop responding to me
              with your dumb-ass replies.
              I’m retired, I have all the time in the world.
              I made all my money, & I can now just sit
              back for the rest of my life & do as I please.

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