How loud can an aspen play?

October 3, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “How loud can an aspen play?”

  1. delighted with the relatively compact size of the Aspen , initially i was expecting a much larger version with servo (powered) built in sub. however this is awesome .
    is the cabinet made from shaped wood or synthetic material , any chance of a rosewood or walnut finish in the future.thx Paul

    1. mic mac,
      I’m pretty sure that the cabinets are made of MDF & that the
      clip-on front baffles sections are some sort of moulded poly-plastic.
      At this point in time any woodgrain finishes would be cost prohibitive,
      but if there is a huge demand for rosewood or walnut it could be possible,
      but the demand would have to be very high.
      You can always contact Paul directly with your questions at

      [email protected]

      if he doesn’t get a chance to answer your questions here.

  2. I’m a mid- to high 80s dB guy.
    My mate Matt had me over to hear his new Klipsch Cornwalls.
    “Walk on the wild side”. Of course. At 105 dB.
    “It isn’t hifi. But it sure is fun”
    It sure is.

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