How do vinyl records make stereo?

September 16, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “How do vinyl records make stereo?”

  1. Paul, I enjoyed this talk; particularly the aspect of the lower channel separation with vinyl and its possible consequences. However, at the start, your correspondent was complaining about the time wasted opening envelopes. I do not agree with him. The information in your talks could be conveyed very much more efficiently in a couple of paragraphs of text. Their charm lies in the ancillary details; things like opening the envelope and fiddling with your spectacles. Long may it continue to be so!

    1. Thanks! I have pre-recorded a group of these videos over a few weeks time and you'll note the stack of envelopes is going down. When we get through this stack, I am probably not going to do the envelope opening thing anymore.

      I know you'd prefer to see them opening, but the compromise I will make is to still read them, just not open the envelope. But, thanks for the feedback!

      1. In terms of pure theatre the opening of the envelope serves to increase dramatic tension - what will the question be and will he be able to answer it? Just putting on your glasses, whilst better than nothing, will not be as effective. 🙁

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