How audio depth works

December 1, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

7 comments on “How audio depth works”

  1. I’m most certainly looking forward to the studio behind the scenes videos! I can watch music documentary video till the cows come home to roost! Muscle Shoals, Sound City, the Classic Albums series, It Might Get Loud, Hired Guns, Rush – Beyond The Lighted Stage, Live At Pompeii, Monterey Pop, The Last Waltz, Woodstock, The Last Play At Shea… I find these types of things vastly enjoyable. Its like a more detailed movie version of the liner notes we all used to read every time we spun a record.

    I remember this clearly:
    Grade 12, 1982, careers week (essentially an entire school week set aside for: “OK Jeff, what do you want to do for the rest of your life? Think it over, we need to know by Friday…”
    Thursday, my turn to talk to a counsellor, I shared my desire to be an acoustic engineer.
    “A WHAT?”
    “I want to study the science of sound. You know, making things sound better. I want to design theaters, halls studios – anything – I want to make things sound acoustically PERFECT!” (at around 14, I’d already started my audiophile journey)
    Counsellor: “Acoustic engineer? No such thing. Never heard of it. Next?
    ” Ok, I wanna work in a recording studio. I want to mix albums” (I had some musical background – my grade 9 Royal Conservatory Piano by this time). “Ok then, we can get you into a school and maybe you can get a gig in Toronto or L.A. or New York.” I told him I wanted to remain in my home province (BC).
    His exact words:
    “Ok look, there’s no way in hell the recording industry will ever come to the west coast of Canada! Next?”
    So, I went off to UBC for my first year of Chemical Engineering.
    Around same time, Mushroom Studios (Vancouver) was renovated and became one of the most sought after recording studios for bands like Loverboy (2 albums); Skinny Puppy (11 albums); 54.40 (5 albums) Queensryche; Trooper (2 albums); The Odds (3 albums); Sarah Mclachlan, Barney Bentall (4 albums), Colin James (2 albums) and Jane Siberry, among many others.

    So I am pretty excited about Octave Records and your passion behind it – I GET it! 40 years later but I get it!
    Let’s see, so this guy from Colorado does a thing that a guy from BC wanted to do, but paths change, and then the BC guy ends up enjoys the RESULTS of that Colorado guy’s thing THROUGH equipment that the Colorado guy builds… there’s some zany connection right there… 🙂
    And it all started with a google search for ‘Magnepan sound room’ and watching a 7 part video about building a listening room.

    PS – I’d like to look up that counsellor now and PUNCH him right in the forehead. 😉

  2. And how it “works” acoustically:
    By retaining the Very low level sounds off the instrument bouncing off the studio walls; retaining their time integrity. Phase if you like.
    And isn’t it those lowest-bit digital signals that are rather fugitive, difficult to retain.

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