Front of the house home speakers

May 12, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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    1. Listening to this video, reminds me of what an exe room mate said to me 6 years ago.
      She didn’t understand the thing about stereo separation.
      I had it in my mind, to build myself a pare of line aray speakers just like the ones I had, many years ago.
      I have an open closet in my living room, where an air handler yoost to be.
      She asked me, can you put the speakers in that litttle closet right there?”
      I told her, why that wouldn’t be a good idea.
      But again, I’m talking about a woman that didn’t understand the first thing about stereo at all.
      I told her, “I could, but here’s why I won’t.
      When you put any pair of stereo speakers too close to each other, you don’t get the stereo separation at all.
      Yes, you’ll hear the music, but it will all be in mono, even if the speakers are receiving a stereo signal.
      They have to be spread out apart from each other in order for me to get the stereo separation.”
      And as for what Paul said about an Audiophile doing better, she didn’t understand that either.
      She told me, “make do with what you have.”
      I said to her, “look, I’m an Audiophile.
      And us Audiophiles, always upgrade where and when it’s needed.”
      An Audiophile, never makes do with what he or she has.
      We always improve upon what we have.
      We always strive to get closer to the music.
      This is what being an Audiophile, is all about.”
      I kicked her out of here, right at the beginning of 2017, but I won’t get in to the reason why I done that here.

  1. I reached the level of sound quality in my system where I might be able to do better but the cost it would take for such a minor improvement isn’t worth it to me. I’m more into tweaks, keeping internal and external connections clean and properly positioning the speakers in my room to improve sound quality.

    I’m very close to state of the art sound and I have never been more content with my system than I am now. Took some time and research but I’m there. It’s time to buy more music and spend more time enjoying the great sound I have than committing more time to make improvements to my components.

    But if I know of something great out there I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

    I love reading and keeping up with whats out there and the older stuff that might have slipped past my radar. I’m also into vintage equipment. Love the nostalgia. If I saw something really good for sale on the used market at a steal I’ll grab it.

    Improve your AC connection from the wall. Buy good speaker wire and interconnects and keep your connections clean. This is all so important to the sound.

    1. Good afternoon Joe!
      That’s grate advice you gave at the end of your comment there man!
      I do keep all of my connections clean.
      But the arria I need to work on, is saving up the money to pick myself up a cupple of power plant regenerators.
      That would not only clean up the power that’s going in to all of my audio equipment, perhaps it mite improve the sound of it too.
      So, thanks man!
      I’ll keep all of this in mind!

      1. You’re welcome. And at the very least replace the wall socket which only costs a few dollars. File the house wiring which is usually corroded so it’s bright copper. It’s important that all connections are clean but also of the proper pressure. Loose connections anywhere are not good for the proper transfer of power.

        1. Hi Joe,
          I’ve been advised by a scientist, who really knows his stuff, that if you are using gold plated RCA/XLR plugs & sockets, that you are far better off not disconnecting & cleaning them periodically as the gold from both surfaces will bond & this makes a far better long-term electrical connection rather than tearing said bond apart every so often to clean surfaces that basically don’t need cleaning because they have bonded.

          1. Sure once they are bonded leave them alone but dust collects on the ones unused for awhile and those need to be cleaned before used. Deoxit Gold is made for clean connections. Highly recommend it. Restores the bond. They make stronger stuff for corroded or dirty contacts. Cleans and lubricates.

            1. Yep!
              I’ve used ‘KONTAK’ since the early 1990’s but it evaporates,
              through the bottle, if you don’t use it within 2 years 😮

  2. Paul,
    This is precisely why I watch your stuff and esteem you as a great “audiophile” teacher/ guru. I love your attitude that makes music accessible for ALL, not just the select few that have the funds to have the best. I have a relatively simple, old school gear setup, and I absolutely love it, even though I only have a few grand into it. Of course, like already mentioned here by John, we’re always on the lookout for better gear, or a new way to set it all up and try it out!!
    Thanks for being the lover of music that you are, and respecting all those who strive to be!!

    Cheers Paul!

    PS, Joe, how does one go about improving the AC power, other than a good/ clean connection as you mentioned??

  3. Paul — Several months back I asked you if the ATC’s were the tower version and you said yes. Obviously, Gus’s showing in your video aren’t the towers and aren’t being used on the ATC stands that come with, assuming they are the home version. Based on the cabinet’s color, Gus’ 50’s look like the current home series version (the current short pro version is black, comes without stands and uses the cheapest cabinet material they can find, according to Brad Lunde). I’ve never compared the 50 active home shorties with the tower version, which I recently received, but a review or two I’ve read or listened to say the towers are somewhat better. Definitely not “clinical,” though.

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