FM interference with stereo systems

May 15, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “FM interference with stereo systems”

  1. Paul, if you still wish to know, CB radios are still around today.
    But only the truckers use them.
    The police and fire fighters and also, the EMT’s still use them too.
    The only diffrents is, those CB radios are on different bands and frenclicies.
    But they go up as high as 40,000 watts.
    A HAM radio transmitter, can crank out a whopping 350KW or more.
    But if not careful, they will still bother a stereo system.

  2. I have a great FM Tuner. The Luxman T-117 Tuner Stereophile class A. One of the highest graded recommended tuners ever graded by Stereophile. The sound is as if I’m wired directly to the radio station on strong signals. Deep wide crystal clear soundstage. Pretty satisfying when too lazy to be my own DJ.

    1. Lux T-117…ha…same here Joe!
      I bought it new in March of 1981 & sold it in August 2013 as I wasn’t
      really listening to radio anymore…too many ads driving me crazy.

  3. Funny that this discussion arises.
    I have totally switched to internet radio
    And Qobuz for my audio entertainment.
    What I have noticed is that my listening experience goes from v good to horrible. Initially I thought it was either my speakers or the amplifier, but after having those elements evaluated, I realized that it’s the signal to my system that is at fault!
    Sometimes the broadcast is just painful to listen to.
    CDs via my antique California Audio Labs Icon Mark II are just fine!
    So, irrespective of the “signal type or speed”
    The internet transmission is awful!

    Perchance a return to FM would be
    Worthy if there were any decent FM station to listen to ????

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