Dual vs mono subwoofers

October 24, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

2 comments on “Dual vs mono subwoofers”

  1. Good afternoon Paul!
    What you just said in your video, confirms what I have been saying for the last past 23 years.
    Sure people including one of my bosses back then, tried to give me the argument, “that bass is nondirectional.”
    And also, sure all the records that were made in the fifties and sixties, shifted all the bass to one channel or the other.
    But that was the early days of stereo.
    They figured out how to put the bass in both channels right at the top of the seventies.
    And they really started doing that in both the80’s and nineties.
    The very last system I had daring the end of the nineties, had two Cer Won Vegga ten inch powered subs in it.
    Sure the amps delivered 250watts each to each one of the ten inch drivers, but I had enough bass to tare the roof off the top of the house!
    But the only thing that I disagree with, is putting a sub over in the corner near one of the main speakers.
    Because to my ears, that speaker will sound larger then the other speaker.
    This is why I wouldn’t listen to the guy at Sweet Water, tell me that I was going the wrong way, when I ordered myself a pare of JBL LSR310-S powered subs to augment my Avantone Pro CLA-10 studio monitors.
    That still works for me, to this very day!

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