DSD Audio on Mac or PC

October 6, 2021
 by Camryn Batcheller

6 comments on “DSD Audio on Mac or PC”

  1. Who is ‘Camryn Batcheller’?
    How did he become Founder & CEO?
    And what has he done with Paul McGowan??

    (I must say; this ‘Camryn’ does a damn good impression of Paul)

    1. Good afternoon FR!
      I’m wondering the same exact thing.
      But if I could, I would like to build on something that I heard Paul say in the video.
      Ya, I’m sure that’s Paul.
      I may be a blind man, but I can recognize a person’s voice, anywhere I hear it.
      But as for computer files, he said something about word files.
      But even with today’s Windows10 baste computers, if you don’t have any form of the Microsoft Office Sweet, you won’t be able to open a Word or XL document.
      But with audio files especially DSD, you can make Foobar2000 play those for you.
      All you need for that, is to both download and install the FooSACD input component, and there you are.
      But also, there is another media player that can play DSD files, as soon as you download and install it.
      The name of the media player, is Resonic Beta.
      But for me, a lot of things for both improvement, and to be desired.
      For a blind person that’s trying to operate Resonic Beta on his or her Windows system, there is quite a abit that JAWS won’t read out loud to you.
      This is where Foobar2000 has Resonic beat.
      And also, in Resonic, you’re luddy if you can get a 128 bit DSD file to play in it.
      Foobar2000, can play DSD files, all the way up to 512bits.
      And yes, any DAC that can decode DSD files, plays very nicely with Foobar2000 as well.

  2. Hi Paul
    In regards to your answer regarding DSD file play back When you state how the DSD file must be rearranged to allow the computer to read or pass the audio file correctly is that process done by all companies that produce DSD files or only Octave? If that is the case how much is sacrificed sonically in playback if the DSD file is not managed as you stated
    Thanks Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      I think Paul was talking about needing to ‘prepare’ DSD (.dsf) files for use with the BitPerfect product. I’ve had no experience with BitPerfect so can’t comment on that. If you’re refering to what he said about ‘DSD over PCM’ (DoP) then that ‘conversion’ is done by any of a number of other programs (such as Audirvana) ‘on the fly’ by the program running on the computer and is completely lossless. You don’t need to ‘prepare’ the DSD source files. They remain unchanged in your library. The program knows how to ‘read’ the native DSD files as is.

  3. As a Mac user I use Roon – easy to use and sounds great. I also like JRiver – sounds about as good as Roon. I agree with Paul regarding BitPerfect – a bit longwinded and not supporting the very highest DSD resolutions.

  4. Audirvana DOES sound better than Roon on my Mac Mini thru an all PS Audio PWDAC/BHK stack. Did a direct comparison. For example, a DSD of C├ęcile McLorin Salvant was more clear, more “in the room”, even from a distance. And, much better bass attack and extension. DoP selected on Roon. Audirvana got rid of the somewhat-veiled blues of my computer audio.

    BUT, and it’s a big one, Audirvana does not seem to have a “radio” feature. Roon does a great job of picking and integrating selections from my library and Qobuz. And the algorithm has been a point of focus for Roon’s development. Please, Audirvana.

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