Does big music require big speakers?

April 23, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “Does big music require big speakers?”

  1. I got the biggest soundstage ever when applying crosstalk cancellation to the music stream even from the tiniest speakers (Soundmatters FoxL or the stereo speakers of a laptop computer). Just download the player sw from You will get a soundstage width of some 170 degrees. For getting the maximum stage depth probably a powerful subwoofer seems to be mandatory! However you have to tame the inherent room modes being enhanced by a subwoofer.

    1. Good afternoon Paulsquirrl!
      Today, I’m working back here in my bed room.
      I have a quod of Avantone Pro CLA-10 studio monitors.
      And I just added a pare of JBL LSR-310S 200watt powered subwoofers to the system.
      This keeps me from shifting a good deal of bass in to the monitors.
      Also, I’m working with a vintage Fisher 800 tube stereo receiver.
      My sound stage sounds real big.
      But however, I will try that plugin you suggested.
      But what kind of a media player will it work with?

  2. Paul, I notice that the standard screen size of your video is now teeny tiny. It used to be about five inches across. So at the size it now is, it’s useless for viewing. Full screen size works fine but I don’t always want to use full screen, especially as I’m reading comments as the video plays. Could you please return to the larger standard size?

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