Do in-wall speaker cables degrade performance?

October 5, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “Do in-wall speaker cables degrade performance?”

  1. interesting approach and good info -- but outside of running cables inside a wall, what suggestions to do you have for organizing cables? I'm thinking of buying some individual coat hooks and mounting them on the wall behind the components, then resting the cables along 2 or 3 hooks.... It still won't be pretty but it will keep the nest of cables off the floor and will help isolate them from one another... which reminds me, which cables shouldn't be touching? There's an awful tangle behind my system and despite my best efforts I've not been too successful keeping cables apart. Thanks! Great blog...

  2. I used 2" PVC conduit for the same purpose in my listening room. I preferred the PVC over flex tubing because I think it is easier to snake through, especially since my conduit run has some angles and multiple 90 degree turns in it. In fact, if I want to run some new interconnects from my preamp in back to my amps up front, I simply place a string in one end of the tube and connect a shop vac hose to the other end and it sucks the string through without having to use a snake at all. I can then attach the new cables to the string and pull them through.

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