Direct Live recordings

September 27, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Back when Sheffield did the early stuff, as in Lincoln Mayorga & Distinguished Colleagues (I have an original III),

    The engineer manually “rode” the cutter head “pitch” as Paul describes.
    The engineer was as versed in the performances as the musicians.

    Paul describes a box that takes many samples right off the mixed signal, and via (a likely linear driven motor), “rides” the pitch electrically.

    What a cool invention.

    This original vinyl I have is seldom out-performed by current vinyl or digitally delivered audio.

    The exceptions are few, but most are Octave, Cookie’s DLs and a few random SACDS.

  2. One interesting trivia factor on the old direct to disc recordings is that besides being unable to edit a full side must be recorded without any breaks. If there are 2(or more) cuts with time between them there is a stop between the two cuts where you must lift the stylus over it and put the stylus into the start of the next cut just as if you were starting a new LP. I have a Stereo Review test record from the mid sixties(before the 1st Sheffield) with two cuts direct to disc on side B and it's like playing two LPs to play the B side.

  3. gutxgc.v,,hfcg,v,ffjgf

    At least Octave Records discloses that they cut their vinyl from DSD.

    Mobile Fidelity that is now owned by Music Direct used to only cut LP's from the original analog master tape which were limited pressings.

    They later began second pressings but were found to have cut them from DSD and never disclosed that which caused a recent big uproar in the industry which resulted in recent lawsuits from analog purists.

    Mobile Fidelity as a result began to release the names of LP's that were not cut from the original master tape and with more names to come.

    I wonder how audiophiles can distinguish the original pure analog pressings from the DSD since the Album covers and markings on the vinyl seem to be identical? Some owners of the DSD transfers say they sound very good but the analog purists are not buying it.

    I know it's a lot different with Octave studios that I believe so far have made all of their vinyl recordings using DSD and not tape, and they also disclose that their LP's are cut from DSD. People just want full disclosure so they can make an informed purchase.

    Music Direct just opened new LP pressing plant in CA. I'm not sure if they will cut their new stock from DSD or the original master tape but I assume they will disclose it now after the Mobile Fidelity lawsuit. I'm also not sure if the lawsuit even effects Music Direct after they purchased Mobile Fidelity.

    I'm following this story closely while it's sorted out in the courts. ,utrxtriyc fghjgvhghgh bkj gk jgk .jg kj g kj ghkjg kjg bkjg kjhg vhkjgh cghvghvghvghgbkhjgbgkgkjgkjbgkjbgkgkbgkjbhgk.bjhkjhk.jhgk.bjhk.jhgk.jhk.jhkbjh

  4. SansSolo,
    There are extra tracks that were allegedly “needle drops” on the SACD - check them out.

    This s an outstanding performance, and a well-done DSD recording.

  5. Can't wait to hear the organ recording! I'm a big sucker for great organ tracks. I know it hasn't been recorded yet, but do you have an idea of when you plan on releasing it?

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