Dealing with Audiophile guilt

November 21, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Those who really can and permanently do change the world are those few guys who own more than 50% of all property assets and manage the most deadly and powerful weapons. Thus better spend your money for audiophile sensations instead for controlling people or creating more iniquity, injustice and environmental damage. Maybe audiophiles are crazy, but those guys are psychopaths and maniacs.

  2. Americans would probably be back to the very basics of food & shelter if they had to actually pay down their 30 trillion-dollar national debt.
    It's easy to have a privileged lifestyle if you have an endless 'credit card'.
    The whole world is crazy & so crazy people living in a crazy world has a ring of sanity about it.

    1. Agreed and that's not counting another 3 trillion in State and local debt, 16 trillion in credit card debt, and a whopping 162 trillion in unfunded liabilities or in another words entitlements that won't be able to be paid for. The USA has insolvent debt and they just keep kicking the can down the road with more debt and socialism that stunts the growth that is needed for debt escape velocity. It's what MAGA was trying to achieve but instead the swamp pushed us right back into it's death spiral of spending money we don't have. Thankfully the GOP has control of the purse again.

      1. I've gotta agree with you there Joe...not about the
        politics, but definitely about the debt spiral.
        Having said that, China is also in debt up to their
        eyeballs, so it will be interesting to see where this
        goes in the next ten years.
        I got rid of my credit card in 1997 & I only spend
        what I have in savings; debit card only.
        It's a personal choice.
        Living on credit is a fool's paradise.
        As Paul likes to say, "There are no free lunches".

        1. A home and a vehicle is understandable debt. All other things can be saved for but people want it now and it's much easier to put things on credit. With the price of energy skyrocketing people are charging food and gasoline which used to be part of someones normal uncharged expenses, we used to be energy independent with low inflation and that is political. There are no free lunches, time to pay back the Piper. The big problem is interest on debt has gone way up making it harder to pay back debt for both consumers and the government spenders and that means higher taxes too. The Fed is bent on destroying the economy to kill inflation and balance the Feds out of control balance sheet. Going to cause high unemployment and bankruptcies as the consumers maxed out credit cards are depleted. Could push the entire world into a very bad recession and stagflation.

          1. The government wants to add 87,000 more IRS agents instead of using that money to secure the southern border. 87,000 new IRS agents are not to go after billionaires and millionaires but rather the smaller guy. There are just not that many billionaires and millionaires. Good luck trying to defend yourself against the government who has unlimited resources. If they say you owe them money you will just have to pay it or they will confiscate your business and savings accounts. Nice living under government tyranny and extortion. We will all be living under Communist rule.

            1. Yes, I'm aware of everything that you've pointed out in your last two posts, Joe.
              Me personally, I've done nothing but save & I spend conservatively & wisely throughout my whole life.
              But I fear that all my financial wisdom & common-sense spending will come to naught when the sh!t really hits the debt fan.
              Those few of us who HAVE acted financially responsibly (have savings & believe in & practice personal responsibility) we will get sucked into the debt vortex (spiral) that has been created by the majority of mindless, irresponsible sheep who want everything NOW & damn the long-term consequences.
              So, the 'good guys' are gonna have to end-up paying for the 'bad guys' anyway.
              We had our warning in 2008 with the GFC & virtually no one took heed.
              Back in the 1970's when Solar power & solar panels were touted, the greedy oil companies bought the technology & shelved it & now we have rising temperatures, melting polar icecaps & destructive weather patterns as well as massive single use plastic waste EVERYWHERE..."it's the end of the world as we know it..." very soon.
              Meanwhile, America is at war with itself while China advances beyond America's capabilities.
              It's a race between super-powers & self-destruction..."Place your bets, ladies & gentlemen"...

              Personally, I believe that we've left global redemption wa-a-a-ay too late...the next ten years will tell.

              1. Hey Marten!
                I wonder if you heard the latest news about what's going on here in North America?
                We are developing technology that China wants to get their hands on.
                We are now, starting back to make our own micro and computer chips.
                And the technology of the chips are so advanced, is the reason why China wants to try to get their hands on our technology.
                But don't take my word for it, just look it up on NPR.
                Just look in the archives.
                The radio show that you'll want to check out is, Morning addition.

        2. good one . also , also having products made here, create jobs , help the economy. particularly in audio, high end , a few bucks more , no one would care if "its made in the USA , in time things would level out

  3. Paul's philosophy is very symphatic. I like it and I do it similar. In Germany we say "the last shirt has no pocket" and you cannot take your money with you when dead. So it is fine to spend the money during life and have fun.

  4. "I can't change the fact that I live in a rich society...": actually, you could if you really WANTED to: just pick-up and leave the U.S. and your assets behind, and take up residence in Somalia. That would change that fact, but why the hell would you (or anyone else) CHOOSE to do such as that?!!!

  5. Well Paul, I'll tell you what.
    Listening to this video, reminds me of a cupple of people that were once in my life.
    That is, until I kicked them out of it.
    One of those people, I yoost to be married to.
    She didn't understand how us Audiophiles think.
    She didn't get the fact that, whenever and however we can, we'll do upgrades whenever we feel the need to upgrade parts of our stereo systems.
    My former room mate was like that too as well.
    Her thing was, "make do with what you have."
    But I told her, "we Audiophiles, make upgrades whenever we get ready to upgrade parts of our music systems.
    I'm not any diffrent then the next Audiophile guy either.
    Except only, I'm in love with the sound of vacuum tubes.
    You can tell that just by taking a really good look around my house.
    I consider this house, to be The House Of Tubes.
    If I need and or want something, I don't have to and or need to run it by you first.
    I make my own money, I don't need your input."
    Then later on down the road, she tried to tell me how to arange my speakers.
    Putting them right next to each other?
    That told me right there, that she didn't understand stereo sound.
    That, and what it was all about.
    Go figure this one!

  6. There are expenditures that normal people approve of though they are unnecessary and often lavish:

    1. Motorboats. $15,000? That's money well spent.
    2. Motorcycles, especially big Harleys which only elderly men buy.
    3. Fancy stoves and refrigerators. They make life so much more convenient, so no problem with a Sub Zero at $17K or Z-Line Autograph at $13K
    4. Cars. A Tesla at $65,000. No problem. Well worth it to be green.
    5. Vacations & cruises. These are essential to family fun or for parental get aways. Who cares if they always run $10K to $20K.

    So it's well to keep in mind that foolish spending is often in the eye of the beholder.

      1. Yes you are right FR, do people realize how much fossil fuel the giant earth moving equipment uses to move enough earth to find what they need to make a car battery? And then most of the energy used to charge those vehicles are fossil fuels. Farm equipment, cargo trains, jet liners, military equipment cannot run on electricity.

        1. While all this is correct I think it misses the bigger picture. Change comes hard.

          Imagine for a moment at time when the majority of cars are electric vs. what we have now. In order to accommodate the energy requirements the big utilities are going to have to invest in change (they already are but it would happen faster). We already know how to cleanly generate enough power without fossil fuels for such a scenario if we're willing to invest. And, as capitalists, the best way to force change is to change and let the marketplace sort it out.

          Lastly is batteries. If enough are demanded the amount of research will exponentially increase to meet those demands and that means new technology. Breakthroughs that would happen faster. We know it is theoretically possible to design a 100K mile battery that would fit into a car. We just need enough time and resources made available to get there.

          Hopefully we can pull back our view just a bit to see the bigger picture.

          1. Theres no need to destroy the economy and ruin the lives of so many when fossil fuels are still badly needed. I have nothing against electric vehicles but even Elon Musk says we need all energy sources to meet the world’s energy needs. Fools are trying to prematurely destroy the fossil fuel energy. If everything electric is where this is headed it needs to unwind naturally not pushed prematurely by the fear mongers who say every decade that we have one more decade before fossil fuels destroy us and push activist snowflakes into a frenzy for political gains. Many cannot afford electric vehicle's or 20,000 to replace a battery. A 100,000 mile battery on one charge would be great. Let me know when we are there.

  7. My problem is that I have basically 2 expensive hobbies, music listening and photography. I don't feel any guilt spending money on both, it's my money so I will spend it on the things that make me happy not you or anyone else. If someone thinks I am crazy, so be it maybe I am. That is my philosophy anyway.

  8. As Paul said. There's food and shelter and health care. Beyond that there's the basic human factor of pleasing ourselves. And we're all individuals and like different things.

    What's the difference between audio and $10,000(or more earings). How about $10,000 bottles of wine(usually more than one) at a great French restaurant with friends. I could go on.

    I love cars. I always wondered how so many multi million dollar cars could be sold each year. Then I heard the head of Bugatti on a TV show years ago where he stated that the average Bugatti owner owned 47 cars and I doubt many, if any, cost less than 6 figures.

    Either give all your money beyond food and health and shelter away to the billions who are really poor or stop feeling audiophile guilt.

  9. I like Paul’s comment about understanding the big picture - change is hard. As a service brat and then doing 24 years in the military, I lived in various countries for a significant part of my life. It gave me the opportunity to live under different forms of government and interact with foreign nationals. Sadly, the movie “Don’t Look Up” reminds me of the nature of too many people - rather than change because of facts, we prefer to listen to conformational “talking heads” until it is too late. As an audiophile, I don’t feel any guilt when buying stuff I can afford. My everyday goal is to make one stranger feel better about themselves - a smile is priceless!

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