Choosing a new audio system

June 7, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

8 comments on “Choosing a new audio system”

  1. I want great imaging but I also want my speakers to be linear, have good tonal balance and to have detail the way electrostatics do with a full range full bodied sound. And yes sound musical.

  2. Indeed, a stereo system can be described as a “chain” with links of different quality. But this chain has two ends: the listening room and the mains power supply. Thus I would start optimizing the room acoustics first. And if your links (components) haven’t beefy and stand-alone power supplies you should at least install a power regenerator or a big battery power supply (STROMTANK). And because no loudspeaker is perfect a powerful digital equalizer (DSP) is mandatory.

  3. The most accurate timbre speakers are full range electrostats like soundlab. Soundlab electrostats also have decent bass down to around 25 Hz. They can play louder than my ears can tolerate. They are power hogs and require high wattage amps. Previous to my soundlabs I had martin-logan monolith 3s which have a woofer for the bass. Well integrated by martin-logan. Small electrostatic panels have not been satisfactory. When it comes to electrostats, bigger is better.

  4. Why not minimise the losses in the speakers and get a high end pair of actives, just make sure the digital front end is top class and you’re done.

    1. I can’t speak for other people.
      But as for me, active speakers are a very big fat no no.
      Here is my reason why.
      With active speakers, you have to settle for the amplifiers that the manufacturers built in to them.
      But the real reason why I don’t like active speakers, is because, no speaker manufacturing company has figured out how to build a pare of active speakers with tube amps in them.
      Sure putting a pare of mono block tube amps in the cabinets both adds to the wait and the price of them, but it can be done.
      But I guess, noone wants to do that.
      But with passive speakers, you get to pick and choose the kind of an amplifier or amplifiers that you want to use with them.
      Some day, I will build a pare of active speakers around a pare of mono block tube amps myself.

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