Calling out Canadians

August 9, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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    1. Hi Paul, You are right!
      I´ve been several times to USA, one time people in St. Augustine told me:
      This is the oldest city in the world!
      I asked theme, did you ever hear about egypt or china or europe, there are some much older cities there….

  1. well. i hunt in winnipeg…. missouri. so there is that. and yeah paul. us folks from the USA just dont get around much. what a silly notion. respectfully. but really.

  2. OFFS… these are the people who purchase a ticket to a comedy show and just dissect it to look for things to get offended by…
    This is NOT the typical representation of Canadians. We just enjoy your videos.
    This sounds more like a millennial who WOKE on the wrong side of the bed and really needs to poop.
    Wokeness, inclusion, PC, these things are getting WAY out of hand.
    Wha? Wrantfull examples you ask?

    There is an upcoming film on the life of William Shakespeare. However in adherence to the pressured statute of inclusion, the main role will be played by a 71 year old blind balding bisexual Mongolian woman in a wheel chair with a speech impediment and a rare skin condition. And she can’t act. But she DOES fill most of the woke fear boxes. Her sister, who is in a coma has been selected to be the next James Bond in the Bond franchise. Because comatose persons are simply not fairly represented in the cinema industry.

    “Excuse me Ma’am, let me get that door for you, and might I say you are looking absolutely lovely today.” This is a sentence that may very well have been spoken by your father or grandfather that inadvertently resulted in him finding a life mate. If you attempt such a line today, it might very well result in you inadvertently finding a cell mate. Yes, the line that caused your existence can now ruin your existence. This kind of thing used to be called ‘flirting’. It was not a horrific ghastly crime, it was performed without an internet connection, was quite fun. You see, in all likelihood at some point your father DID open a door for your mother, told her she looked good and– it is the ONLY BLOODY REASON YOU ARE ALIVE!

    Recently overheard in a death row prison: “Hey Ace – What are you IN for?” “I murdered my entire family with an axe. What about you? “Me? Well I produced a TV commercial cast with 2 heterosexual Caucasian people where they suggested to folk that they should separate the whites and the colors.”

    Pretty soon buddies will no longer be able to greet each other in the classic:
    “Heya Bob, you look like absolute shite! Your face looks like it got kissed by a Mack truck!”
    “Yeah, Fred, that was no truck, it was your Mother. And at least I don’t have a face that only 3 mothers could love – in eight hour shifts!”
    “Ya, LOVE one”

    Courtenay CANADA!!!

      1. You Aussies don’t even declare a city – let alone a province/state/territory.. y’all just merrily say you’re from Australia! We should all be so region free country proud..!

        I’ve always said I’d love to wind up with a gal with some sort of (pretty much any) accent. That way if she happens to natter on incessantly, it is just so delightfully pleasant to listen to.
        I’m running out of time tho, an over-lipped toothless whistle might be the closest I get…

  3. If I compare the states of the US with the nations in Western Europe I am pretty sure that most Europeans also don’t know the capitals of states of the US! 🙂 And who can list the provinces of India or China and their capitals? The problem of comparisons is most often characterized by the famous “comparing apples with oranges” phenomenon – also most often found in audio reviews!

  4. Hey Paul,
    I’m from Calgary, and whereas I do see Craig’s point, I don’t agree. I find you to be very respectful, and very graceful. Just keep doing the things you do so well. Love your perspective and expertise.

    Jason, yes, from Canada!!

  5. I think the sentiment is a bit precious. But maybe that’s because I’m an Aussie. 🙂 I certainly have no problem when you say so-and-so from Melbourne, Australia or Sydney, Australia. Does this mean we should demand further qualification by mentioning the state? (Yes, Australia also has states!) Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Really?! 😉

    I’ve travelled to the USA, Canada and Europe a few times in my life, including some memorable snow skiing trips to Colorado, and can only agree with you Paul that some Yanks are very parochial. Probably the best example I’ve experienced when asked where I’m from is getting the response “Oh yeah, Austria! I’ve heard of that place.”

  6. I don’t expect people from other countries to know what state I live in. If they get the town right, fine. Maybe we just mention the state more for our own clarification than for others. Maybe Canadians do that too.

  7. Paul is spot on here. For me, as a hockey fan from age 12 I have learned my Canadian geography. What an amazing country full of wonderful people. Fantastic cities. And like Mexico these are our immediate neighbors. Not some distant country. We can drive there. Many Americans (obviously not all by any stretch of the imagination) are unimaginative and unwilling to even think about what it is like to live in another country and culture. And the music from both places is extraordinary!

  8. I think it was terribly disrespectful and selfish of craig to come into your world and call you out Paul. You spend your personal time and energy educating us all and for free, this is YOUR domain and instead he should be thankful. I cringed when you apologized….. i would rather you have simply said “I’m sorry you were offended but but none intended”….. done. so when you said Paul that you hoped you were wrong… well you might possibly be. I’m very well travelled and highly educated and I was unaware of what craig was referring to. I personally don’t believe it’s that we are close-minded, homebody, hillbillies or lacking in a worldly educational system because we have a lot of world history, geography, and American history that is all taught in a few short years. I believe you’d run into the same thing when polling the average citizen across the globe about other foreign countries’ intricacies. It may simply be that Canada’s city/state structure is different from ours and may not be taught in our curriculum. I polled my very expensively private school educated kids and they were also unaware of these intricacies of Canada. Personally I’d like to thank you for all your time.

    Jackson from Sarasota, Manatee county, Florida, The United States.

  9. Devon Larratt is one of my favorite Canadian athlete’s, he is from Ontario Provence. Then you have John Candy and Dan Aykroyd they are supreme favorites!

  10. I’m on the border of our friends to the north. Except Trudeau. I’m on the side of the truckers and the Canadian people. 15 minute drive from me. Calling out the Canadian provinces.

    Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

  11. Watching these videos for a while I have noticed the number of inquiries that come in from outside the American continent. With places in the US often being named after places people immigrated from or names existing outside the US I am glad to hear distinctions about these places such as Frankfurt, Germany vs Frankfort, in Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New York, Ohio, and South Dakota or Athens, Georgia vs Athens, Greece and the list goes on. I personally like hearing about the various places that people write from. If it was me I would include the city, state in the US and city country for places outside the US. There are too many countries with regions that would need to be named in order to be equitable with the province model for Canada, examples include Edinburg Scotland, Düsseldorf North Rhine Westphalia, Barcelona, Catalonia to name a few. Just trying to keep things simple around the globe for all viewers/listeners.

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