Binding posts or banana connectors?

November 18, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

2 comments on “Binding posts or banana connectors?”

  1. I used binding posts. They loosen over time and then a channel would drop out. Eventually with all that tightening, the binding post wears out and connections then become poor. Once I got to use banana plugs, the connections never loosened and I never lost a channel. I now only use banana plugs and buy good quality banana plugs to replace the spade lugs on speaker cables.

    1. Good morning [email protected]!
      Here is something to think about.
      Before I started getting real serious about this hole intire audio thing, I’ve come across both speakers and amplifiers/stereo receivers that had these spring loaded clips on the back of them.
      If you can remember the portable stereo systems that had detachable speakers on them in the early to mid nineties, they had those spring loaded clips too.
      But the problem that I kept running in to with them, is the connections weren’t all that good.
      I came up daring a time, that U lugs were placed underneath screws, and then tighten down over them.
      It was either using that or bare wires rapped around the screws, and tighten down around them to hold them in place.
      To me, those made the best connections.
      But today, a lot of the high end speakers and amplifiers have these binding posts that can either except banana plugs or bare wires.
      Either way, you’re gonna have tight connections with either one.
      But if you’ve had some experience with a cheep tube amp like the Tube Cube 7, it was banana plugs or nothing.
      If I wanted to use that amp with some other set of speakers, I had to have a pare of speaker cables that had banana plugs on one end of them.
      I have 3 vintage receivers and one vintage amp that uses U lugs to hook speakers up to them.
      I have 3 pares of speakers, and 3 amplifiers that you can either use banana plugs or bare wires to hook them all up.
      Two of my amps are tube amps.
      But the one amp that isn’t a tube amp, was mint for recording studio use.
      Two pares of my speakers, are actually studio monitors.
      I remaster older recordings on those.

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