Best way to rip CDs

February 17, 2018
 by Paul McGowan

4 comments on “Best way to rip CDs”

  1. Im totally with you in those two points. IMO wav or aiff not only sound better than compressed flac or alac, but also better than uncompressed flac or alac. I also understand Ted argumenting that there can be many accompanying influences which could make a comparison difficult and error affected, but most of them are easy to avoid…so anyway my experience is what I mentioned.

    Regarding post-upsampling a lower res file I also see it as counterproductive.

    My only question is, what’s the difference to the kind of upsampling Ted uses within the DS DAC?

    1. Many moons ago, I also abandoned iTunes and switched to JRiver, and have never looked back. The difference in sound quality was significant and immediately apparent. Before I made the switch, I had blindly assumed that the playback application itself (iTunes, etc.) didn’t have any impact on the sound quality, but I’ve learned otherwise.

      1. Were you also using BitPerfect with iTunes? If you were not, I can understand your conclusion. BitPerfect acts as a memory player & keeps iTunes from altering the sound. If only they could fix the gapless bug. JRiver works well, I just hate the UI & the non intuitive way of doing things. It’s very configurable, but I don’t agree with many of their default choices.

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