Audio masters vs copies

January 3, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Hi Paul

    Just for the record, England is part of the United Kingdom, and is not the same as. The UK also includes Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and a few other territories.

    Thought you ought to know…

    Love the videos by the way.

    Cheers! D

  2. I wish I had enough money to pick up both the Perfick Wave DAC, and Perfect Wave SACD transport.
    But for around 2500USD, I could pick up a Marantz M-30N SACD player/preamp/streamer.
    But my question is, will it allow me to hear everything that’s inside of any DSD file on any SACD?

  3. But you don’t get to decide the music that I listen to. It’s great that you make your own masters Paul but I’m not going to buy music just because it’s the best possible recording. I’m looking for a recording company that can take a master recording of music that I listen to and copy it to vinyl or to some digital format. Otherwise I’m only buying the vinyl or digital master made by Octave records as a reference or test source just to see what my system is capable of. The music I listen to has already been recorded or not recorded at Octave records. This is not to say I won’t enjoy the music Octave records puts out but it’s limited to the musicians that you choose rather than what I choose. Unless you plan on signing up the artists and bands that I listen to who are still recording.

    1. exactly the point I made a while ago……great recordings like Octave put out are just that great recordings, problem is so-far they are as boring and predictable as the Australian cricket team trashing my fellow countrymen …….Fox Feather very nice but very boring to my taste…..we need more DSD for sure (I have a decent SACD collection) but please not same-old same-old……sorry Paul but lets get rocking!….. luv ya!

      Baldy Bloke.

  4. How soon until we can get some music as NFAs
    Non Fungible Assets of course. .#

    You become the exclusive tradable owner of the art work.
    And make a lotta money one day when someone with too many bitcoins joins the bizarre game.

    #its not necessary to understand it— just throw it into the conversation and win brownie points.

    1. Good morning Peter!
      Both you and Joe made some very excellent points here!
      But truth be told, this is the problem with Audiophile record companies.
      They pick the people that they want to record.
      If you ask me, that’s a little to narrow.
      But if the Audiophile record companies broaden their view, they would see that, there’s a lot of grate music out there.
      Sad but true, most of it isn’t being recorded properly.
      It’s these fokes that could really benefit from Audiophile record companies.
      But, again, This is the problem.
      The Audiophile record companies won’t have anything to do with them.

      1. It’s why when I buy vinyl I search for old first pressings in excellent condition. I don’t want to buy vinyl that is a digital transfer to vinyl at high speed. Those recordings suck. I understand Octave Records is a recording studio rather than a business like Mobile Fidelity but they can double up and do both if they were to get contracts from the big names. Or sign up some of those big names for recording sessions. Paul bought Neil Young’s mixing board. Is Neil still recording? Maybe bring in Neil to record a new Album at Octave records? Or some of the other old timer legends still recording so we can have true Audiophile recordings of the greats. Maybe even do some retro Albums. For example would Jimmy Page and Robert Plant not remaster but actually re-record some of their classic albums live at Octave Records or do something new? Now that would be cool.

        1. Nice idea, but both of them will agree they are far to long in the tooth for that now, maybe an acoustic blues album that might work. Its one that I would buy.

          1. The Rolling Stones, the Who, Paul McCartney. There are many legends still recording. Be cool if they did retro’s of previous works on audiophile recordings.

        2. Good morning Joe!
          I have an answer to your question about Neil Young.
          The answer is, yes he is!
          I haven’t heard it as of yet.
          But according to what I found out about Neil when I looked him up, he released a new album on December 10, 2021.
          The name of the album, is Crazy Horse.
          But I’m very curious about Song Of The Season.
          What is that all about?
          I’ll have to see if I can get Crazy Horse in my hands.
          Song Of The Season just mite bbe a real Audiophile treat to me!

            1. Good afternoon Joe!
              Do you have access to Apple Music?
              I’m asking because, if you do, I have some good news for you!
              You can listen to the hole intire album Crazy Horse on Apple Music.
              All you have to do, is ask Siri to play it for you.
              And she will!
              I listened to apart of Song Of The Seasons, and I liked what I heard!
              I’m not much of a Fowke fan, but Song Of the Seasons can be used as a very excellent reference track to test your system!

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