Audio Alchemy DTI

May 8, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

10 comments on “Audio Alchemy DTI”

  1. Good stuff Paulie

    DTI was also sought after because it “stripped” SCMS (back in the day)… 🙂

    You look good Paul – glad for that

    Mark Schifter

  2. Back in 1993 I bought an ‘Audio Alchemy DDEv1.0′ DAC & a friend of mine built an external
    power supply for it that had six times the current capacity as the factory supplied one.
    The f#@king thing blew my mind, & everyone else’s who came to my apartment & heard it.
    It’s ability to 3D soundstage was breathtaking.

    “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone”
    I wish that I’d never sold the damn thing; I’d be very interested to hear how
    it compares with today’s moderately priced DAC’s.

  3. The old Japanese players were not that great but the old Philips/Magnavox players had great transports and DAC’s. You can kick them while they are playing without a skip. It’s why the old Philips based CD players are demanding top prices. The next generation found a way of making CD players more cost effective and the price’s dropped and profit margins went up, but the sound and performance sucked. The older Philip’s/Magnavox based stock and modified CD players command much higher prices then their next generation players. The same thing happened with turntables. The older 70’s turntables were much better than the cheaper next generation. Profit margins always seem to win over quality with many manufacturers.

    1. It also happened with next generation receivers and amplifiers that sucked versus the 70’s receivers and amplifiers. They got lighter and cheaper. Now today if you want the good heavy well built stuff you pay out of your ass. Which is why audiophiles search and pay up for the older stuff.

      1. Good afternoon Joe!
        In a little more then 2 months, I will be turning 49.
        I am still a young man by both yours and Paul’s ages.
        But at the same time, I too prefer the older stuff over what’s out here today.
        I’ll take the old Mcintosh Fisher Sherwood and Pioneer any day!
        To me, it really rocks if it’s full of vacuum tubes.
        This is my way of saying, I agree with you whole heartedly man!

  4. I used a DTI yeras ago and it was obvious it helped. Since then I have used a similar Monarchy Audio device between a Cambridge CD drive and an MSB DAC. In fact I use two in series and the second one improves the sound albeit less than the first. I was told years ago that a third could be heard sometimes but only with very careful listening. And, of course, the more devices, the more cost adding digital interconnects.

    1. The Monarchy was also quite good…

      Later – The Digital Lens was AMAZING

      The Next Gen of DACS that both Paul is working on (and me as well) are going to really be special

  5. A current implementation is the Schiit EITR it sits just before the DAC and seems to tidy up the sound.

    What?!! An opinion that is not absolutely certain and dogmatic? Some of these changes /improvements are subtle and take a lot of A B A. B… ing and I’d rather just listen to the music.

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