aspen FR20 and FR30 loudspeakers

November 14, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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        1. mic mac,
          Whereas 'PS Audio' loudspeakers are wholly manufactured
          in China, their electronic products such as CD transports, DACs,
          amplifiers & the like, are designed & assembled in the USA.
          However, like a lot of products from other manufacturers, many
          of their internal parts, such as capacitors, IC's, transformers,
          CD drives, etc. are sourced from parts manufacturers in other
          countries, where PS Audio believe that the quality of those
          internal components is better than in the USA or simply not
          available in the US.
          This does include some parts that are manufactured in China.

  1. If they're way less then 28000USD, then I'll get on board to pick up a pare of those.
    But on the other hand, I would really love to hear the Aspen FR-30 speakers.
    I wonder how they would sound with my Jolida JD-1000P all tube power amplifier driving them?

    1. John, how is that possible, you could only just barely afford
      a pair of Klipsch - 'Reference 41M' bookshelf loudspeakers?
      I think that you're dreaming again...
      not that there's anything wrong with that.

      1. FYI, I've picked up a few peaces of equipment sense then.
        One of the peaces of equipment, costed more then what I paid for my Klipsch R41PM speakers.
        I also managed to defy the odds of getting my hands on replacement vacuum tubes for my amps and stereo receivers that uses tubes.
        It's not a dream if you can bring it in to reality.
        If you put yourself in the proper position, anything is possible.
        Set back, and think about that.

        1. John,
          I have thought about that & I have come to the conclusion that you
          do like to blur the line between fact & fiction, ie. reality & dreams.
          But as I said above, that's OK.

          Since you told us all last year that you are going to manufacture
          your own brand of loudspeakers AND that you are going to start
          up your own DSD recording studio, similar to 'Blue Coast Records'
          & 'Octave Records', I'm wondering why on Earth you would want
          to spend US$19,000 on a pair of aspen FR20's.
          Wouldn't that money be better spent on the research & develop-
          ment of your own brand of loudspeakers?

          And by the way, have you actually started any of those projects yet?

          1. I'm not going to keep on going back and fourth with you about any of this.
            I will tell you this once, and once only.
            Everything doesn't happen over night.
            It takes a lot of planning to start a bisness.
            And as for my recording studio, it is slowly but surely taking shape.
            Right now, I am remastering older recordings and making them sound better then they did, when they first came out.
            And as for my speaker manufacturing, that's still in the works.
            I'm looking at a lot of things.
            But just so you'll know, a lot of my speakers when they come out, will be amed at the people that collects vintage vacuum tube audio equipment.
            Something that a lot of speaker companies aren't doing.
            I still have the plans to build sound walls instead of soundbars.
            A lot of speakerr manufacturers can make speakers with high sensitivity.
            But how many of them can mate well and sound grate when hooked up to vintage vacuum tube audio equipment?
            Not hardly any of them that I've heard out there.
            I may resurrect some speaker building plans that I came up with more then 16 years ago.
            But as for bluring lines between dreams and reality, you have some nerve telling me that junk.
            So, let me ask you one dirrect to the point question.
            When I was thinking about picking myself up a PS Audio Sprout, how come you tried to push me twards an amp that didn't meat any of my desires?
            The amp that you tried to push me twards, dropped the ball when it came to decoding and playing back DSD audio files.
            For Christe sake, that amp didn't have any provitions to even connect it to either a PC and or a Mack.
            And the power output wasn't all that either.
            I still think that the PS Audio Sprout beats that amp, hands down with thums up.
            I may be a blind man, but I'm very far from being dum and or stupid.
            And that is in deed a fact for you.

            1. The DeVore Fidelity - 'Orangutan O/93' floorstanders that I currently own, pair extremely well with vacuum tube amps...just so you know.
              The argument about the PS Audio - 'Sprout' was about where it was made, ie. China. As you were adamant that it was not made in China, ie. you didn't even have your facts straight, & I wasn't pushing you towards any particular brand John, I was merely showing you other options of small 'D' class amplifiers that were also made in China that were cheaper & sounded better than the Sprout to one reviewer, that being Randy from 'The Cheap Audioman'.
              You have completely misrepresented the whole discussion.

              Anyway, I doubt very much that you have the resources, nor the wherewithal to start either your loudspeaker manufacturing nor a proper DSD recording studio within the next thirty years of your's all just 'Pie in the Sky', as they say.
              But you can have fun dreaming, for sure.

              Please let us know when either of your registered business ventures have an advertising website so that I can take a look at your commercial products.
              Cheers ✌

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