Are ultra high end products worth it?

July 5, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

9 comments on “Are ultra high end products worth it?”

  1. One possible added factor in ultra costly gear(6 figure cost) and I’m guessing a bit here. But the cost must also cover the design cost(time and materials) which can be spread over many items for reasonably priced items but must be spread over relatively few items for ultra costly gear. And I’m guessing the multiplier(the higher the price the larger the multiplier) may be greater here to cover these costs and make a reasonable profit.

  2. Weird question; simple answer…
    Buy what you can afford.
    If it’s outta your budget then it doesn’t matter whether it’s worth it or not.
    Do you seriously test drive a Ferrari if you can only afford a BMW?

    1. I’ve never test driven a Ferrari, but I’d love to take one for a spin. Sigh. I’ll stick with my MINI Cooper S. It cost about the same as the FR-30, which you can’t drive to the grocery store.

  3. I had an expensive amp years ago, pure class A, My friend came over with a pair of Dynaudio Stereo 70 amps over for the fun of it. Played the opening of Jazz at the Pawnshop on my 400 watt amp and I said sounds nice, he just smiled and said OK put my amps in and left them warm up 1/2 hour, so we did, listened to the same LP cut, took me 1 minute or less to look at him in disbelief, the sound was real and touchable like they were in the room and it got better as we went on from track to track, long story short my amp was built like a brick-s-house, 70 watts per channel in the amps in mono mode, and it was not even close, lessoned learned, it is what the ear hears, it is not how big or fancy something is built but how it sounds, so audio jewelry is more real today than back then, but in the end, its is not te fancy overbuilt case, and what is inside and by the way of them I’ve seen look no better than some price much, much lower and one brand look like a sloppily made unit internally video is on YouTube, price $50K. Today price is aimed at those who can really afford high-end and it is not the middle class anymore, it’s those in the upper 5% that keep these companies going and many sales overseas. I got zip against them, but I don’t break a sweat trying to own them because I was not in their mind when they priced them. You can have excellent sound if you build a balanced system with quality well made gear. Ask a family of 4 in the 90K-100K income range if they have $10,000 to spend a speakers, $7,000 for a front end, and say $7,000 for a preamp. That is only 24K is a drop in the bucket in today’s market place, they look at you like you lost your mind. I know, I asked this to several in-laws and family members. They just laugh. I say yeah I know.

  4. How about a company like Monitor Audio that makes speakers in all price ranges. Yet from their “budget” Bronze line all the way to their Platinum, the build and cabinetry and finish are exemplary.

  5. “My Maserati goes 185; I lost my license, now I don’t drive….” J. Walsh

    Still with the high-powered vehicles for a sec…it’s the acceleration, appearance (and sound) these vehicles produce that is intoxicating to those that care about such things (me).

    The total experience goes far beyond the manufacturer’s top-speed numbers and is NOTHING like winding out the family mini-van. When you feel your sinuses and various internal organs pressing hard toward the seat under hard acceleration, you know you are in something special.

    I totally agree with Paul using the analogy of a purpose-built “Sleeper” with lots of power but unappealing in terms of looks. While fun, it’s not for everyone. BOTH looks and performance are desirable to most, I believe.

    I think some of the higher-priced Audio-gear is almost as much of a treat to look at as it is to listen to, just like a great looking high-powered vehicle is to wash/wax, drive and enjoy.

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