Apple high resolution streaming vs Tidal

October 25, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

10 comments on “Apple high resolution streaming vs Tidal”

  1. I couldn’t agree more about Qobuz’s excellence as a music service. In addition to the sound quality, I appreciate their selection of classical, jazz, and African popular music, which, in my experience, includes many titles not available on Tidal. I also appreciate their in-house album reviews. Though a lot of times reviews are just imported from Allmusic, other times their French writers offer diverting takes on music I may have pigeonholed some way or another without realizing it.

  2. Apple Music is not only for Apple Devices.
    I’m happy to tell all of you Android users/owners, you can download the Apple Music app to your phone or tablet.
    All you have to do, is search for Apple Music in the Google Play Store.
    You get to try it free, for three months.
    Those of you that are with Verizon, you can strike up a deal to try it free for six months.
    After that, your subscription is $10.00 a month.
    Yay thoe you can get it on your Windows system, the ketch22 is, you’ll have to both download and install iTunes.
    It defaults to that for some reason.
    This is why I opted for just using it on my iPad.
    And also, Paul is correct about all the music on there, being CD quality or higher.

  3. I would unconditionally recommend Deezer *except* that most streaming devices don’t have a native link (like Spotify Connect), so you must Chromecast or Airplay it with the potential losses therein.

  4. You tube music streaming app done through the Chromecast isn’t terrible for background, non serious listening sessions.

    I do not recommend it for highend headphone listening.

  5. Interesting to see Spotify’s response to Apple & Amazon challenge of quality/value. I’m ready to move on from Spotify’s free service and likely can’t tell the difference beyond CD quality but will switch to A or A if Spotify tries to demand more than $10/mo.

    1. good morning Daddyo!
      My wife and I have a free subscription to Spotify.
      But the thing or things that puts me off about Spotify is, you can’t call them.
      I like to pay all of my bills over the phone.
      And on top of that, while we’re still going threw this killer pandemic, hackers are becoming more and more roofless.
      They’ll stop at nothing just to steel your personal identity and your credic card information.
      I’ve explained that to them until I was blue in the face.
      But if you look at the comment that I posted yesterday afternoon, my best bet, is to just stick with Apple Music.
      Ad least, you can call Apple if you happened to run in to a problem with anything.
      Too bad you can’t do that with Spotify.
      Whatever happened to the personal touch?
      The other thing that puts me off with Spotify is, every cupple of songs, you get pesky adds.
      With even the free trial of Apple Music, you don’t get any pesky adds at all.
      To me, that’s a grate thing!
      But just out of curiosity, do you know how to get Apple music to play on a Windows system without difaulting to iTunes?
      If you do, please inlighten me!

  6. I’m in the first couple of weeks of a 90 day free trial offer from Amazon Prime Unlimited Music. Apparently, they and Apple are upgrading the sound quality of their music services, to go head to head with Tidal and Qobuz. Tidal I’ve not tried and Qobuz is not available in Canada. Has anyone else tried Amazon Music? I have yet to try and sync one of my CDs with the same song on Amazon. Although, in my small 11’x18′ living room the service sounds damn good, plus it is so convenient, compared to flipping through pages and pages of Case Logic CD albums. Since I’ve been trying out this new music service, Amazon keeps making updates to their 75 million songs from HD and ULTRA HD so the sound keeps getting better. It is really quite amazing to listen to and not have to get up, except for…

  7. I looked at Quboz just out of curiosity. To my (lack of) surprise, there was one of my records. AFAIK, without approval from the label. So…just another ripoff of musicians.

  8. The problem with Amazon music (I don’t know about Apple) is that it doesn’t allow DLNA (UPNP). Without it, you cannot use it to play to the DirectStream Bridge, which definitely sounds better than USB, at least for me.

    I have found that streaming to the Bridge II with Audirvana Studio provides the best sound I have heard, and it also supports streaming from Qobuz. This combination sounds fabulous, although Audirvana Studio needs work on its player interface.

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